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Courtney asks…Hi John. Am always reading your beauty section and it’s great! My question for you is, I have combination skin, I cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. I want to see if you could recommend an exfoliator and face mask, as I haven’t found one that actually rejuvenates my skin. Please help me! Thanks.

Admin answers: Boy oh boy, there are so many I could recommend, and I am not exactly sure what sort of price range you would like me to choose from. So I am going to go right down the middle. For exfoliation, we could try a morning cleanser that will do both cleansing and scrubbing. Clarins One Step Exfoliator, Bliss Spa Fabulous Foaming Facewash, and Darphin Exfoliating Foam Gel are all three products I recommend and have client repeat regularly. If you wanted to push the boat out, Sisley Buff and Wash is sort of in a league of its own. Triple the price too!

But the mask thing I cut down to one as I read this: Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask is such an amazing product that you can hardly fail to fall for it. You can use it on wet or dry skin and it will foam up like a men’s shave foam…but only where your skin really needs it. So every time you use it, it will react a little bit differently. And the great thing is you can use it right before going out, or if your skin just needs a boost, or as your once a week treatment. It takes about three minutes and won’t bring things like breakout to the surface – the effect is your skin has new life breathed into it. You will look fresh, rosy, and revitalized…anytime you want to. Great to chuck on in the morning while your shower heats up and ready to rinse when you step in. Who could ask for more? Hope you enjoy the products and we will catch up next time.

Molly asks…I am approaching 30 and my hair is about 60% grey. All of the women in my family have gone grey early, but I think I am too young to have grey hair. The problem is that when I colour it, the grey grows out so fast that I look like a skunk! What is your opinion? My hairdresser is trying to talk me into going natural. I don’t want to look like an old lady at 30. What should I do?

Admin answers: Molly, let it go! There is nothing quite as stunning as a young face with grey hair. If you are going grey this early, it is almost certain that you will have that gorgeous silvery grey that will eventually turn crystal white. Revel in your uniqueness. Grey is the only hair colour in the spectrum that cannot be chemically reproduced. I dreamed of having grey hair and have since I was about 20. It sounds like it would be ageing, but I promise you, it isn’t. It is usually just the opposite. Look around and start noticing women with silver grey that are between 30-50 and see how beautiful and sophisticated it looks. Not to mention that coloring that percentage of grey is very difficult and looks unnatural. The colour slides off quickly and the upkeep will be an expensive nightmare for the next 50-60 years. Learn to compliment the colouring with statement makeup and be proud of your natural colouring. Let it go, Molly. I beg of you. And if you try it and just can’t get used to it – you can always go back to colouring. What have you really got to lose? Be brave!

Leah asks…I had been using the Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade for years since you had recommended it here on handbag. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t find it anymore and someone said it was discontinued. Has it and if so, can you recommend a replacement?

Admin answers: Leah, I have bad news for you. But then I have good news for you. Then sorta bad, and then really good again! Yes it was discontinued, but because she got financial backing that didn’t go to plan. Sort of like Jil Sander. But she is still doing facials in her studio in Chelsea and you can order her products via her website of Her products are meant to be launching again so they will be more easily available, but I have not heard any rumblings of a date at all. And lastly, if you would like to have a very similar product that might be more easily available, you can try Rodial A-List Cleanser or Vaishaly Patel Balm. Both of these are in a pump dispenser, which makes use just a little bit easier and keeps the product from separating or crystallizing.

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