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Simple Stuff to Do to Take Care of Your Skin

Most people find themselves struggling with acne; particularly in their teens. This is the time, when the body undergoes several hormonal changes, which result in acne. In most cases, the condition diminishes, by the time a person crosses his or her teenage and are completely gone by the time he or she is in his/her early twenties. However, in some cases, the condition might get extended to a later stage and therefore, you may also find people who are affected by this condition, well in their forties. Acne is characterized by pustules or papules and in certain cases nodules, which may be non-inflammatory, or inflammatory. The condition usually crops up in those regions of the skin that carry a higher density of sebaceous follicles. A primary factor, which is related to this condition, is that of the growth of sex hormones at the time of adolescence. The condition is prevalent in both males as well as females.

The pimples usually crop up on the face, as well as the upper neck. As it is, hormonal activities happen to be a major reason, which is attributed to this condition. Apart from that, certain external factors, like a higher level of stress if also related to this condition. Along with that, hyperactive sebaceous glands have also been related to the cropping up of acne on the skin. The piling up of dead skin cells is believed to be another factor in this condition. This leads to the blocking of the pores on the skin, leading to the growth of acne on the skin. Also, genetic factors have been held to be an important aspect, which has been held responsible for causing this condition. Another major cause, which is related to this condition, is that of bacterial growth in the pores. The propionibacterium acnes bacteria are the one which leads to this condition. Other factors include barbiturates, chlorinated dioxins, anabolic steroids, lithium and androgens.

In order to effectively get rid of acne, skin care is an important factor in this regard. You should therefore make sure that you take proper care of your skin. As it is, there are a number of skin care options that you have. One of the most important aspects in regard to effective acne skin care is that of that of keeping the skin clean and oil free. However, washing the area too much may also be harmful. Therefore, the area should be rinsed twice a day, i.e. once in the morning and once before retiring to bed. Also, make sure to wash the skin after you perspire. Make sure to use a gentle, non-abrasive and non-alcoholic cleanser for this purpose. Do not scrub your skin. His would not in any way heal your acne, but in fact would lead to irritation. Therefore, use your fingertips for this purpose. Do not scratch with your nails. This would aggravate the condition. Use lukewarm water for the purpose of cleaning. Make sure that you wash off the cleanser or soap properly.

Unlike what most people believe, astringents, application of alcohol on the affected areas or sun tanning do not in any way clear the skin of acne. Sun tanning might dry the original acne, but would not hamper the growth of new ones. A thin paste of water and fresh fenugreek leaves can be very quite good for your skin and therefore, should be applied on the skin overnight and then washed off the next morning. Apart from that, a thick paste made from a mix of powdered roasted pomegranate with fresh lemon juice may also be applied on the affected areas for two to three hours and then washed off. This may also be effective in treating the condition. Paste of ground bay leaves blanched in water is also an effective skin care option that you may opt for. You may also apply egg whites over the affected portions of the skin for effective results. Apart from that, lavender compresses may also be a viable skin care option. A mix of avocado paste with water may also be used for this purpose. You may also treat yourself with a warm bath of rosemary to treat this condition.

You can make a paste of vinegar and powdered black cumin seeds and apply it on the pimples, for effective treatment. You can also make a fine paste of ground orange peel with water and apply it on the affected areas, to get good results. Also, cooked oatmeal may also be a good option, which can be applied on the affected areas, for a period of fifteen minutes and then washed off. A fine paste of cumin seeds can also be quite effective for this purpose. This paste can be applied over the skin and washed off after one hour. You may also apply lavender oil on the skin. This would have a soothing effect, as well as help in the effective treatment of this condition.

Apart from the above treatments, there are a number of skin care options that you have, that you can opt for.

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