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Some Simple Skin Care Treatment Tips

The biggest secret in the skin care treatment world is: prevention. By changing little things in your daily routine you can help keep your skin looking healthy and clean with a gentle exfoliator to prevent pimples from forming. The best skin care treatments contain salicylic acid.

Make sure to keep your face oil-free during the day. Excess oil promotes pimple-forming bacteria to form on your face. This can easily be prevented by using pre-moistened facial cleanse clothes throughout your day. Make sure to keep hydrated, as many facial cleansers may dry up your skin thus making your skin produce even more oil! The key to skin care and treatment is to incorporate a lightweight daily facial cream to help keep your skin hydrated.

Remember that acne equals inflammation, but by using products such as aloe vera extract, you can help soothe sensitive skin. Dead skin cells and bacteria contribute to damaging skin. Most of the best skin care treatments out there use a combination of willow bark extract and other chemicals to help balance the skin. Breakthroughs in anti-aging creams have shown that by using a retinol-based treatment every night before bed helps skin stay clear of pimples due to the Vitamin-A.

One of the most important skin care treatment tips is simple and free: stop touching your face. Without even realizing it, touching your face introduces all the bacteria currently on your hands unto your face. Most of these bacteria is from doorknobs turned throughout the day and other daily routines we are used to doing. It is best to keep a simple, cheap hand sanitizer on you at all times. Remember, more bacteria equals more pimples.
Diet is a big contributor to keeping your face healthy and glowing. Along with daily skin care & treatment, what you eat is as important as how clean you keep your face. Focus on serving Vitamin-A rich veggies and fruits in your meals to help nourish skin cells and prevent break outs from occurring Stress and hormones also play a big role in skin care & treatment. Incorporate more stress-relieving activities in your daily routine, such as walking the treadmill or riding a bike, and watch how quick your skin responds. Especially in young adults, high hormone levels often cause high amounts of stress reactors. Omega-3 concentrates can also help keep your skin healthy along with fruits and vegetables.

Herbal teas before bed also help calm any anxiety and promote deeper sleep.  Another big tip that is extremely easy to follow is washing your pillow case often. Every night we lay our face on the same pillowcase, and as hard as we may try, our skin is never one hundred percent clean. Meaning that bacteria builds up on the surface of the pillowcase and touches our face while sleep.

One last simple, quick tip: Pat don’t rub. When using a towel to dry off your face, gently pat it on the surface of your skin. By rubbing it, you are causing your skin to become irritated and help contribute to the outbreak of pimples.

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