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How to Search for the Right Anti-Aging Skin Care for Men and Women

These days, men have stopped being behind women when talking about skin care. If you still bear the concept that skin care is something that is better left with the ladies, then simply go to a local store and you’ll find men’s skin care products for various skin problems. Besides applying a skin care cream, there are some basic ways and tips that you need to keep in mind so that you can have the best care for your skin.

The Basics

Firstly, forget about smoking and drinking alcohol. These are some of the main reasons why both men and women deal with premature skin aging. Alcohol itself is a drying agent which will make your skin very dry and also a reason for radicals to grow in your body. Free radicals are oxidants that hurt the skin tissues and also a root of skin aging.

Have enough rest and a life without stress. This is extremely important for having a young-looking fresh skin for a long time. Do your best to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Fast foods hurt your skin ang also your body. You need to start to avoid them as much as possible. Instead, eat a healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Both vegetables and fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals that give the necessary nourishment to your skin.

Men’s skin vs. Women’s skin

When talking about skin care for men, there are some exact things you shouldn’t forget. Men and women have different type of skin structure. Generally a man’s skin is 20% oilier than a woman. Also the pores in a male skin are bigger {comparing to| than the ones of a woman. Oily skin “calls” for more dirt and other harmful external elements that can destroy your skin. On these situations what you should use is a right skin care cream.

Nowadays, the market is filled with skin care creams that are only made for men. However, you will have to make sure that the product that you are buying has no harmful chemicals because these substances are quite dangerous for the skin. At the same time, the organic ingredients of a skin care cream takes gentle care of the skin and are easily absorbed by your body.

Finally, if you are in need of any assistance for your skin, it definitely should be an organic skin care product. No need to worry. Perfect skin care for men does exist and they can assist you obtain a gorgeous and attractive look.

Anti-aging Skin Care for Men and Women

Both men and women are constantly looking for the ideal anti-aging skin care product since they think that it is likely to turn the clock back, hold onto their youth, and skip aging without the help of plastic surgery or other extreme methods. It is well known that beauty is a multimillion dollar industry. People look for anti-aging products for just about everything–  their nails, skin, hair, hands, feet, which creates a big demand for new skin care products to be out in the market.

When in search for an anti-aging skin care product for acne prone or oily skin, don’t buy any with added oils such as baby oil, mineral oil or heavy creams. Purchase only products made exactly for dry and acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, it is best to begin applying an anti-aging skin care product at an early age as dry skin is more prone to developing age spots and premature wrinkles. Always use a heavier wrinkle cream for daytime and nighttime. People with combination skin will see that this is a very common problem and there is an anti-aging skin care product created by almost every beauty manufacturer for this type skin.

Do you neglect the skin care cream aisle at the supermarket? Are you constantly applying the same skin care moisturizer cream from 5 years ago, just to avoid buying a new one? It’s overwhelming seeing hundreds of “the best” skincare products to pick from.  To make things simpler, remember there are only 2 ingredients your skin really needs, and 2 ingredients your skin hates.

2 Ingredients Every Skin Care Cream Should Have

Babassu.  Babassu is a natural wax that softens and soothes your skin. It’s vital since it forms a moisture-barrier around your skin that holds out dirt and grime, however it allows the skin valuable “breathing” space.

Vitamin E (in the form of natural alpha-tocopherol).

Vitamin E has a long-proven record of protecting your skin from damaging free radicals that exist in pollution, UV radiation, poor nutrition, and aging. The best form of Vitamin E found in your skin care product should be alpha-tocopherol. It is at the same time a natural preservative that keeps your skin care moisturizing cream from going bad before you’ve finished using it.

2 Ingredients Your Skin Care Product Should NOT Have

Parabens – (look on the label for methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl parabens).  These chemicals are generally used in expensive (and cheap) skin care products to give the creams a longer shelf-life. They are extremely cheap and widely available. A bunch of studies have suggested that they could cause cancer (particularly breast cancer) and affect estrogen levels over long periods of time.

Mineral oil – (look for paraffin, paraffin wax, or petrolatum)This petroleum by-product is very cheap and used by companies to coat the skin and “keep in moisture”. However, at the same time it keeps in toxins, causes acne break outs, and takes away the natural oils that prevent premature aging. Babassu and Natural Vitamin E are just some of the ingredients. There are a bunch of other ingredients that will bring out the best in your skin care cream. Phytessence Wakame, Maracuja, and Crodamol OP come in mind at the moment. Synthetics not only harm your skin’s health in the long run, they are just not as efficient in helping your skin in the long run.


Herbs, essential oils and almost all of the other ingredients that are found in range of products contain medicinal actions and are introduced for a well thought of purpose, meaning, the formulations that create our various products were initially designed to cure certain skin health issues.

As you may already know, there are three basic skin types; Normal, Oily and Dry. However, your skin could also be sensitive, prone to allergic reactions. The herbs and essential oils in our skin care products are precisely picked to normalize the skin given one of the skin types. They will have a therapeutic effect on the skin’s structure and function so that it provides an environment under which your skin will begin to function normally again.

Skin Reactions to New Skin Care Products

There are times when a new product may in reality cause a bad skin reaction. On the other hand a bad reaction a lot of times appears very similarly to a good reaction. But how can you tell the difference and what should you do? The first thing to do every time you buy a new skin or personal care product is to test it to see if you have any unwanted reactions to this product.  Before you buy a product, read the ingredients list and see if the they are easily recognizable. Simply put if the ingredients are easily recognizable it is probable that the ingredients are of a natural source and have not been excessively modified. However if you need a chemistry degree to understand what the ingredient is, it is probable for it not to be a holistically-natural ingredient. Clearly, it can still be a natural ingredient, but it is probable that it has been isolated and is used in a concentrated, possibly even synthetic form.

Generally speaking, most ‘natural skin care products’ widely available in stores are nothing near to being natural or that matter organic. A good part of them have minimal quantities of a certain natural ingredient and are referring to the single natural ingredient in the product, and not at the nature of the product itself.

Finding the best anti-aging skin care products can appear to be overwhelming but, when you look in the mirror and see tiny lines or crow’s feet for the first time and, even though they are just a step of the natural aging process, you will likely be looking for help as fast as possible. There are thousands of products on the market today saying to be the best anti-aging skin care products out there. However, it is hard, if not impossible, to know which one is the best without doing a lot of research. What has great results for one person a lot of times does not work for another due to the fact that everyone’s skin is different, which means that their requirements are also different. It is also not doable to try every product on the market to find the best anti-aging skin care product because it is almost impossible to have the money and time needed.

If you are searching for eye cream, facial mask, moisturizing lotion, skin firmer, or any other of the best anti-aging skin care products, first, get to know your skin type. If you are not sure, a dermatologist or skin care professional can help you find out if your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination. When searching for the best anti-aging skin care products, knowing your skin type does help narrow the field down a little. A lot of the best anti-aging skin care products help fix wrinkles, smooth fine lines and other aging signs on sensitive skin, help balance overall facial color, minimize irritation, inflammation, and diminish redness along with smoothing and improving the skins texture. The best anti-aging skin care products can be found in a variety of types including lotions, creams, massagers, injections, and even powders.

For a person that has small wrinkles around their eyes that are searching for the best anti-aging skin care eye-wrinkle cream, keep in mind that cheap or unknown is not necessarily the best choice. Begin with a well-known, popular brand of wrinkle cream since it got its reputation for a reason. Always follow the directions on the package and keep a chart or notes on the eye-wrinkle cream results once you start seeing the effects. Don’t forget that even the best anti-aging skin care eye wrinkle cream will not show results overnight no matter of their advertising claims. Once you find the best anti-aging skin care product that works for you, does the job they claim and you need, keep on applying it to reduce the damage your skin has previously suffered and to stop new wrinkles and damage from forming.

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