Role of Testosterone in Sexuality of Men and Women

In this post learn the role of testosterone in sexuality as well as tips to increase its volume. With low testosterone men can face problem of erections and women in having orgasms.

Testosterone is a hormone in the male and female bodies, is responsible for many biological processes and plays an important role in sexuality of both genders, although its influence is greater in men due to its high concentration.

The sex drive, impulsiveness, courage to undertake challenges and being focused to achieve goals are some human behaviors influenced by the hormone testosterone. Both men and women produce it in their sexual organs, but the man has seven to ten times higher level.

The enterprising woman, sexually initiative or the one that asks and requires the sexual partner to bring excitement to the passion, usually has a higher level of testosterone in your blood.

Testosterone is produced in the testes in men and for women in the ovaries. In both sexes it is produced in the adrenal glands. This hormone biologically contributes to increased muscle mass, cell growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Personal and sexual life of a person who has a low testosterone level is characterized by a tendency to reactions of anger, sadness, difficulty sleeping, poor memory, dull sex life and above all the feeling that the life has lost its luster. This applies to men and women.

In women, testosterone plays an important role in their sexuality because it contributes to the sensitivity of the clitoris and nipples stimulate sexual desire and facilitates the achievement of orgasm.


Clearly a good level of blood testosterone will result in feelings of happiness and sexual satisfaction; testosterone is like the fuse that lights the explosive, a wick to fireworks and the key for better sex life.

Men and women of all times and all latitudes have sought to keep active and satisfying sex life until the last day of his life. To achieve this ancient goal raise testosterone will these tips:

Reduced fat:  Avoid roasted foods. If a man decreases roast and all that tasty fat, you will enjoy strong and lasting erections. Meanwhile, the woman who wants to improve their sex life requires saying no to fatty foods and the ones full of cholesterol for vaginal lubrication, and it is also necessary for her orgasms. A woman body with high testosterone will have no difficulty in reaching the climax. Those who prefer to eat tasty and greasy will have to give a high price in sexuality; noticing how sexual pleasure previously achieved is getting poorer day by day.

Physical activities: Nature does not like physical inactivity, so you have to take control of your legs and walk or cycle for 45 minutes. Apart from this you must also try workout with loads because studies have shown that weight training is more effective for boosting testosterone.

Rest: You have to turn off the television, computer or cell phone and prepare to sleep. Testosterone is produced when you are at that stage from a deep. If a person does not sleep at ease, then you will have fewer available testosterones in body. Sleep well whenever possible to have sex marathon nights.

Avoid this stuff: Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are enemies of sex. It seems joke but it’s true, these escorts sex rather than helping, these ingredients harm. Caffeine and snuff tighten and constrict blood vessels. This works in decreasing the strength of erection in men and vaginal lubrication in women. Alcohol weakens the erotic reactions. While at first, small doses of alcohol take away the shame and sexual shame, but once the amount of alcohol in the blood increases, the enabling of sexual pleasure reactions begin to fall. Stay away from these bad companies or it will end your sex life. You can have one or maximum two cups of coffee, but avoid cigarettes and alcohol. You can switch to green tea as it has antioxidant many essential nutrients that can help body.

Eliminate stress: This condition can be a major killer to your testosterone levels. It is important to find every day how to reduce stress. You can start by playing a sport, calling friends, visiting a relative; join a yoga center, a relaxing massage, anything to not let stress take over your life. The hormone called cortisol, which is produced during stress, is a giant hard to beat, so there must be allowed to grow.


After a simple self a level of comfort or general and sexual discomfort will result. The immediate indication to those who scored low testosterone levels is to go with your internist or urologist to evaluate the possibility of administering hormone replacement therapy.

The presentation of androgens to hormone replacement therapy may be as oral preparations, injections, skin patches, gels and implants.

Each alternative has its indications and limitations. A doctor is the only one authorized to prescribe this therapy.

Men who avoids prescription from doctor may land up using the wrong product and may face consequences such as erythrocytosis (increased volume of red blood cells), gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue in men) and sleep apnea (interrupted breathing while sleeping), abnormal lipid profile (fats), cardiovascular disease and emotional disorders and many more side effects.

The successes of these treatments are still a debate; some researchers have shown it is useful while some do not agree to this claim.


These supplements are all over the market, but now some of the companies have come up with a 100% natural formula to boost testosterone. Some of the major natural items which have shown to benefit in testosterone enhancement are used. Their extracts are removed and combined together in a pill. Many men and women have got advantage of this treatment. Women must use testosterone boosters that are safe to use for women. Before buying nay such product first confirm with the company.

As you know the important role of testosterone in sexuality of both the genders, hence take the required steps that you find suitable to increase this hormone fast.

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