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Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Anti-aging Skin Care Products?

With the focus on youth culture and beauty, many people try various ways to look younger. any attempt this via the use of anti-aging skin products, which has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States along. While they do work, it must be understood that anti-aging skin products are not a panacea for the problem of prematurely aging skin. In order to look younger in a healthier, more natural and more permanent manner, one must use common sense and a bit of “elbow grease.” You have to be honest, forthright and hard-working in terms of acknowledging the realities involved in anti-aging skin products, their use and their limitations.

They are not going to do the hard part for you. You must do that yourself. What exactly is “the hard part” that we speak of here now? Essentially, the root cause of prematurely aging skin (and the body itself for that matter) lies in the widespread making of profoundly unhealthful lifestyle choices. Many times we indeed are our own worst enemies. How many times, in the past month alone, have you done any of the following: chosen to drive instead of walk; taken the elevator instead of the stairs; ate a doughnut when other healthier snacks were available; worried or over-reacted about things that you knew were not really that big of a deal; used a strong chemical-based formula on your skin in the hopes of a “miracle cure” for your wrinkle problem; If you said ‘yes’ to more than two of the above, then you must sit down and take stock of exactly how you are choosing to live your life. The choices we make today determine the overall health and appearance of our skin. It is as simple as that.

Here are a few things you should take note of. These are areas of daily behavior that even making very small, incremental improvements in can have drastic and profound positive outcomes in terms of skin that is younger-looking, healthier, with a rosy hue and a fresh sheen.

Lifestyle Choices You Can Make Today To Improve Your Skin’s Health

Eat right Eating healthy foods in sufficient quantities (not just a dab of spinach here or there) can unlock your skin’s full potential. Uncooked veggies and unpeeled fruits will load your body with super-healthy dietary fiber as well as numerous life-giving and health-producing nutrients, minerals, vitamins and cancer-preventing anti-oxidants.

Stop eating (or at least cut down on) greasy fried food and sweets, snacks and bakery items that are loaded with fat, salt, cholesterol and preservatives. People are slowly killing themselves with empty calories that deliver nothing but death and disease, hypertension and clogged arteries.

You want your skin to shine? To gleam like when you were a kid? Eat right You want to have a complexion that’s free of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and sagging skin? Eat right you want to avoid obesity and live longer and healthier and happier? Eat right It’s that simple.

Relax. You run around all day thinking the sky is falling and the world is ending. Look up. The sky is (or will be soon if not right at this moment) blue and beautiful. The world’s not ending because you got a scratch on your car door or your boss yelled at you. Relax. Take it easy. Do yoga or meditation. Stress is killing you and it’s destroying the health of your skin. Breathe deeply. There. Doesn’t that feel good? Your skin thinks so, too.

Drink Water. Anti-aging skin products aren’t going to do you much good if you’re dehydrated all the time. Your body needs water. You can’t live and you sure as heck can’t be healthy or have glowing skin if you have a water deficiency. Your cells are 90% water. You need to drink PLENTY of water each and every day. Don’t like water? Well, and then don’t waste your money on anti-aging skin products, because without enough H2O intakes, your skin is going to look terrible.

Get off your butt. Move When you can take the stairs, take the stairs When you go to the store, park as far away from the door as you can. And WALK to the door. You can do it. Why not? You start moving again and soon it’ll 1) be easier each time and 2) your skin will start to respond to all those expensive anti-aging skin products you keep buying.

Don’t overwhelm your skin with heavy, harsh non organic and chemical-laced creams and lotions. Use homeopathic, organic and natural-ingredient anti-aging skin products ONLY. You are doing yourself the biggest favor by avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins. Your skin is VERY sensitive to those and you need to avoid them at all cost. At all cost.

Stop smoking. For heaven’s sake, just stop. If you don’t smoke, thank goodness. ‘Nuff said.

Follow these simple yet powerful skincare guidelines and, along with the use of good, quality organic anti-aging skin products you should see dramatic improvements in the health and appearance of your skin in practically no time at all.

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