Reverse Diabetes Today – Part 1

This e-book was written by natural health expert, public speaker and author Matt Traverso. The e-book claims that it is possible to reverse the causes of diabetes within three weeks. With this book, you can achieve the following:·

  • Put your blood sugar level within the normal range
  • End pre-diabetes· Stop type two diabetes completely
  • Put an end or reduce your need for insulin
  • Stop your need for insulin injections and medications
  • Lower your insulin level up to 80% if you are type 1 diabetes patient
  • Revamp your current lifestyle to normal

How this is achieved

The e-book was built on the premise of the type of food that you eat. Our lifestyle has changed completely nowadays; we eat a lot of processed food. These foods which are also known as junk foods, increase toxin in our stomach. Therefore, our stomachs become more acidic leading to our pancreas to be overworked by fighting off high level of acids. As a result the production of insulin in your body is messed up.

In addition, our unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle cause a lot of people to be obese. Studies has shown that obesity is among the major cause of diabetes especially diabetes type 2. With proper exercise and diet, it is possible to reverse diabetes by targeting its two root causes: obesity and dysfunctional pancreas.

Reverse Diabetes Today is a program that encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods in order to keep their body fit and also their blood sugar level in check. Therefore this e-book will teach you the right foods to eat and the right time to eat in order to reduce the amount of blood sugar level in your body. It iterates sample recipes, daily meal plans and also effective exercises that will help you lose weight.

Diabetes is a very common disorder suffered by many people all over the world. Even if precautions are taken, it is difficult to predict who might suffer from the same. Diabetes can increase the risk of strokes and heart diseases, and thus it is very important to learn how to cure it. Many people have tried to cure diabetes by following natural remedies and this has helped improve their lifestyle, thus preventing the onset of diabetes again. You too can help improve your condition, be following the below given natural remedies.

Fig leaves 

Figs are popularly used by those suffering from diabetes. They supposedly have anti-diabetic properties and thus helps reduce blood sugar levels. You can directly chew fig leaves on an empty stomach, or you can boil the fig leaves in water and drink the water like tea. If you do this on a regular basis, you will hardly need insulin.


Fenugreek seeds have great sugar-lowering properties. You can even make fenugreek curry and eat it on a regular basis. If taken regularly, fenugreek helps reduce insulin dependency to a great extent. You can soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seed in a glass of water and let it stay that way overnight. Next morning drink the water along with the seeds on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything at least half an hour after consuming this water. Follow this remedy about 2-3 times each week.


Cinnamon, together with having great aroma and taste, also has anti-diabetic properties. It in fact is believed to play a similar role as insulin by helping lower the blood glucose levels. Take about half teaspoon of cinnamon powder each day to enjoy the amazing effects. Instead of crushing it into powder, you can also chew it in its original form.

Olive oil 

Olive oil has many amazing effects, like it reduces the triglycerides and cholesterol levels in blood. It is also beneficial for diabetics since it helps reduce blood sugar levels. Try to cook all your food in olive oil to enjoy maximum benefits.

Bitter gourd/bitter melon 

Bitter gourd has been used to cure diabetes at home since a long time. You can take it in the form of juice or cook it and consume it on a daily basis. Try to take bitter gourd on empty stomach every morning, to enjoy the best effects.

Aloe Vera

This is a plant found commonly growing in almost every household. It has many cosmetic benefits and also hypoglycemic properties. Though it has a slightly bitter taste, it helps reduce the sugar levels in blood. To improve the taste you can consume it with buttermilk.


Neem, together with having anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, also has anti-diabetic qualities. It can help reduce insulin requirements to a great extent.

Indian gooseberry 

This fruit is rich in vitamin C and also has hypoglycemic properties. When taken orally, this fruit stimulates insulin production just after about 30 minutes of consumption, and thus helps reduce sugar levels. The seed of the fruit can also be taken in powdered form. These are some of the best natural ways to control diabetes, so introduce them in your diet right away, and start enjoying the benefits.

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