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How To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently

Stretch marks are those reddish or purple streaks that you see running throughout the upper layer of your skin. Stretch marks commonly occur on the arms and chest, stomach, thighs and breast. Anybody can get stretch marks, however you are at higher risk of getting them if you are experiencing any form of extreme weight gain. Commonly for women this means pregnancy and for men bodybuilding. If you have them than you may be wondering, how to remove stretch marks?

Getting stretch marks do not pose any form of medical risk. All stretch marks will fade over time. As stretch marks get older they will turn into or white or silver colour while leaving behind indentations on your skin. Older stretch marks are much harder to remove then you are stretch marks. However, there are many things you can do to help make them less noticeable. If you are self-conscious about your stretch marks than you should know that it is not possible to fully remove them without undergoing some form of surgery. Nonetheless it is possible to greatly diminish their appearance.

Removing Stretch Marks

You have at your disposal many different types of creams and lotions with all sorts of active ingredients all targeted to reducing the visibility of your stretch marks. The most common active ingredient that over-the-counter lotions use is vitamin E. Let’s have a look at the most common ways on how to remove stretch marks.

(1) Use over-the-counter lotions. Many lotions such as cocoa butter include vitamin E in their product. Other lotions work as an exfoliant, using chemicals to gently remove the top layer of your skin to reveal a fresh new layer. Vitamin E can help reduce the visibility of stretch marks as vitamin E promotes the skin this natural production of collagen and elastin which in turn helps your skin to regenerate faster handful stretch marks to fade quicker. The key to OTC products is to be patient with them, it takes discipline and application over a couple of months before there is any real visible results.

There are newer generations of stretch mark removal creams that are now hitting the market. These products are much more effective than the OTC creams and lotions you can find in the shops. These newer stretchmark removal creams use specially formulated ingredients that work on multiple layers of your skin to fade and remove the stretch marks. A lot of users reporting very positive results in only 3 months of use. You should check out the stretch mark removal products are on this site to get an overview of these products!

(2) Use Tretinoin cream. This product is a vitamin A derivative, it is not suitable for pregnant women but it is a suitable product will fade in the appearance of new stretch marks. It can be applied after giving birth. Tretinoin does make your skin more sensitive to sun damage so make sure you use a good sunscreen before you head out. Like OTC products, you need daily application over a couple of months before you will see the maximum benefit from using this product.

(3)Micro dermabrasion. You can buy a good Micro dermabrasion cream at the shops which you can use directly on your stretch marks. These products are a mild physical abrasive and works just like sandpaper to remove a really thin layer of your skin to promote growth of a new layer of skin. You will also want to look for product with an alphahydroxy acid complex. AHA helps to further breakdown the stretch marks and fades the appearance.

(4) Chemical peel. Working just like Micro dermabrasion, you apply a chemical which removes a controlled amount of skin by burning it off. Chemicals such as alphahydroxy acid more trichloroacetic acid will smooth out the detection of your skin by dissolving a fine top layer of. After the procedure your skin will start to peel over the next one or two weeks and as it clears it will reveal a fresh new layer of skin. Each time a new layer skin is brought forward it will help to reduce the visibility of stretch marks. At the same time chemical peels will also help to remove other skin blemishes such as age spots and uneven skin tones.

(5) Talk to your dermatologist. A Dermatologist will be able to advise you on exactly what treatment is best for you. Dermatologists also have access to much more powerful chemical peels and Micro dermabrasion products which you are unable to buy at the shop. These products are stronger and work much more quickly and effectively than anything you can buy over the counter. It is normally difficult to remove old stretch marks using over-the-counter products. Your Dermatologist may opt to go for laser resurface treatment or any other type of skin removal option for your holder stretch marks.

Advice On How To Remove Stretch Marks

To remove stretch marks you may opt for over-the-counter products. These are best for new stretch marks but work also to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.

If you are not pregnant and have new stretch marks that are still reddish in colour, than tretinoin cream will be the most effective product for you.

Trying to find out how to remove stretch marks, especially older stretch marks can be difficult. You need to consider medical treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments. For the most stubborn or extremely severe stretch marks cosmetic surgery may be your best option.

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