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Remedies for Cystic Acne

One of the more severe varieties of acne that often becomes a menace for individuals, especially teenagers is the cystic acne. Teenagers are used to the usual break out of pimples on their skin, but a specific red spot that swells to a particular height and is deeply rooted in the skin is without doubt cystic acne. It is best to get rid of them in the shortest time frame, they are prone to lingering around and can stay with your of years, even after your teen age.

What are these red spots on skin?

The cystic acne is characterized by deep, red and inflamed bumps or beak outs. These blemishes or bumps are found nestled under the top layer of the skin, which eventually causes pain, irritation and itching with its constant growth in size. Our skin pores often get clogged due to the presence of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, sweat etc, and can also trap in a few bacteria during this time. These bacteria can cause a bit of infection, which when increases gives way to cysts or acne.  This cyst then becomes red, enlarged and is filled with pus.

In case that the cyst bursts, it may release the pus. This puss when comes in contact with other areas of the skin, will spread the infection with elevated chances of more break outs throughout the face. These cysts can also appear on the back of the neck, in the chest area, the back, etc. People of all ages can be subject to cystic acne. The sooner you find a cure to it, the sooner will you be able to establish a better health for your skin.

What causes cystic red spots on the skin?

There can be multiple causes behind the break out of cysts. Some of the different causes that have grabbed expert attention over the last few years of research, include-

Overactive oil glands– If your oil glands secrete more oil than necessary, this will lead you to have oily skin. This highly increases your chance of being subject to cystic break outs.

Hereditary factors– If any one (or both the parents) have or have had acne problems then the chances for you to have the same are assured.

Excess level of dead cells– The presence of more than normal quantity of dead cells in the skin pores also leads to cystic breakouts.

Squeezing and pricking– A lot of people who are distressed with the persistent presence of cysts on their face, often make the mistake of squeezing or pricking them. This will only spread the infection, giving way to more cysts all over your face.

Stress– Stress is one of the major factors that lead to the outbreak of acne on one’s skin. Stress stimulates the already active sweat and oil glands that result in more secretion, resulting in cysts.

Hormonal changes– Without a doubt, hormonal changes in individuals, pose as the greatest cause for the outbreak of cysts and acne. The differing level of a special hormone called androgens can be blamed for the break out of cysts. This is more common in the teenage, though can appear in later years too, during any phase of hormonal changes in the human body.

Once you have recognized the constantly expanding and painful red spot on you face as a cystic acne it is important that you treat it immediately to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

Top remedies to cysts:

There are quite a handful of remedies that you can come across over the net for your painful, cystic dermal condition. Most of these remedies are put forward by expert dermatologists where as some are advised by people who have battled acne. Not all are as helpful as the other. Some of the more trusted remedies that have been proposed by medical experts, which will without a doubt bring upon a successful conclusion to the issue, include-

Number 1: Oral Antibiotics

Normal acne is different from acnes with cysts. Though over the counter medicines might work for the former, they fight fail to acquire any helpful result for the later. Here is where the doctor steps in. Getting in touch with an expert dermatologist will help you gain info on some of the best oral antibiotics in the market that can help you with your issue and bring about effective out comes. The doctor will prescribe you with specific oral antibiotics, for a specific amount of time. The key here is to follow the direction laid by the doctor efficiently.Number

2: Birth Control Pills

A major hormonal disbalance is noticed amongst women during their pregnancy or due to irregular menstrual cycles. The use of birth control pills may stabilize the hormones to a certain level, so as to prevent the break out of acne with cysts. It is not advised to use these medicines without the guidance of a medical expert.

Number 3: Medical Dermal Products

The Use of medical dermal products like lotions, gels or special creams with retinoid can help with the acne. These products are a good source of vitamin A, and application of the same will gradually open the clogged pores, allowing the antibiotics to battle the acne.

Number 4: Apple Cider Vinegar

In case that your acne break out is not as severe, dermatologists will often advice you the use of certain home remedies. One such home remedy includes the Apple Cyder Vinegar. The apple cyder vinegar restores the natural level of PH in the skin. This helps to fight the eruption of acne and also removes the present ones.

Number 5: Tea Tree Oil

When talking of home remedies, the Tea Tree Oil proves to be one of the best. The natural anti-bacterial characters in the oil fight the infection causing bacteria stuck in the clogged skin pores, thus eliminating any chance of infection.

Fight cystic acne as soon as you notice them. These can deteriorate the health of your skin in the long run.

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