Record Blood Glucose Readings in Your Diary

Many people with type 2 diabetes find recording their blood glucose readings is a good idea. Many keep a special journal that shows their readings along with information on what they ate or did at that time. This information combines to provide a full profile of how blood glucose reacts to exercise, eating, medications, and other daily events. You and your doctor can review this information to see if there are any changes needed to keep your diabetes in check. This is especially true when changing medications, diet or activity levels.

Keeping track of when you eat and what you eat is part of this process of keeping your Type 2 Diabetes in check.  When you take a glucose reading before or after a meal, it is important to record when you ate and what you ate at that time. This shows how certain foods may affect your glucose levels. It can also help determine if you need to adjust eating times. If you eat meals or snacks too close together, you may get glucose spikes. If you eat meals or snacks too far apart, glucose drops are possible.  When you record the information and look back over a few days or weeks’ worth of it, you will get a clear picture of how and what you should be eating.

Keeping track of when you exercise and how you exercise is also part of this process of keeping your type 2 Diabetes in check. Recording your physical activity will show if you are exercising enough to make a good impact on your Diabetes glucose numbers. Some exercises may force your blood glucose levels too low. If you take a reading after exercise, you may see your numbers drop too quickly. All of this information is very valuable in determining the right amounts of exercise and the right types of exercise. Weight control is extremely important. Exercise lowers insulin resistance.  All of this helps keep the disease in check.

Keeping track of other daily activities is also part of the process of keeping your type 2 diabetes in check. Your blood sugar levels may rise and fall throughout the day in conjunction with everyday activities like getting in or out of bed. Taking certain medications can affect them as well. Getting a good profile built will help you and your medical team determines what changes are necessary to keep your glucose levels in check.

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