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James asks…Direct Selling Companies that I could sell organic skin care and cosmetics for (like Avon)?

I am being pushed into the company Aloette, which I like but they use A LOT of chemicals in their products. Is there any companies like Avon, Mary Kay or Aloette that are organic or at least all natural?

By the way, I live in Canada but that usually doesn’t matter for something like this.


Admin answers:

The body shop. I did it for a while, it was fantastic to be able to support my product junkie habit. It’s an awesome company as well, they are huge into fair trade and all natural products!

Linda asks…My dream career is to start my own skin care company….?

I am a beauty therapist and my ultimate goal is to start my own organic skincare company.  I feel it is time to start making my dreams come true, but I don’t know where to start!  Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know I want to get into organic skincare and eventually organic make up but I don’t know where to go or who to see to get the ball rolling.  Any help would be much appreciated as this has been a long-time dream of mine.  Thank you!

Admin answers:

So you have the experience in beauty therapy….I suggest you read some books on basic business…I am sure that you will save lots of money if you do some homework on business….to be a worker and to be a business owner are two different things…I recommend you to read e-myth of Michael Gerber…you can get a quick view of the book at

Michael asks…my husband says my laid back and relaxed attitude is the main cause of his stress. Why?

Some basic points of need-to-know: We have been together 9 years, none have been easy. He is from Poland and is an engineer. I am from Seattle and have a part time job in sales and marketing working for an organic skin care company; I take my son to and from school, cook him breakfast, make him a lunch, make sure dinner is on the table when husband is home from work, clean the house, and do all of the other household chores, homework after school, and soccer practices.

2 years ago he asked for a divorce but as soon as I got a boyfriend he wanted to get back together. We have a 7 year old son. We got back together a year and half ago and almost immediately he forked out $10k for me to go to school. As soon as I graduated from my program (esthetician, aka skincare specialist) in Oct the economy bottomed and I couldn’t find a job. I made $2400 last year because of not working. Last month I finally got a part time job (L’uvalla) but….

TODAY: My husband told me I need to get a full time job and change my attitude or he will file divorce papers on me again. He said he is so stressed out. Because of me, he can’t even see straight. He wrote a list of his biggest stresses and here is what he said: My laid back and relaxed attitude about not making money. In his eyes, I am not an equal member, is his number one stress. He is in debt because of me and I am not doing enough to help. Btw, we have NO other debt than my school and our house is only $750 a month.

Honestly, I have no desire to work full time (I feel like I already am) and have found my dream job.  Most importantly, my son is doing awesome now that we’re not both working full time. Our son was accept into an advanced learning program and is excelling in his regular routing. I am seeing a marked difference in him over that year that I’ve been home (since my school hours were the same as his).

Husband went from not having work permission in 02/03 to currently he’s making over $60k a year. Granted he paid for my school, our son had really bad eczema which has since gone away completely (from my education in skincare and prevention; learning to eat organic, whole foods, and avoid the allergens is all it took… invaluable, though). Not to mention, I have a part time job! I am so stressed out from his roller coaster of love; his unwillingness to want to be a ‘team’; his general anger towards me. Why should I sacrifice working by working full time when a: we are way more balanced now (at least the majority) and b: we really don’t even need the money… although, he would say we do.  Please offer your advice.

Some of you assume that I’d have to work more if I did end up divorced. Why? What is it about working full time that some people thinks creates their identity? How is it that I can’t be an equal member with all that I already do? How is $60k not enough? We can seem to still afford trips to Poland, ski passes, and other etc’s, so how is me working full time and even more money, which is not the point of this life, going to help?

Admin answers:

Your husband is looking for an excuse to dump you.  He obviously regrets trying to work on the marriage.  Get a lawyer and file for divorce first.  Don’t forget to ask for spousal support (2 or 3 years’ worth) until you can get on your feet again AND child support, physical and legal custody for you, and visitation for him.

I expect that once you two are divorced and he is paying out all this money and not getting much for it in return (no sex, no laundry or cooking done, etc.) that he will regret this but it will be too late then. I think he doesn’t value what you bring to the relationship…so let it hit him the hard way…in his pocket book!

Good luck and make sure you get a good lawyer!

Jenny asks…Am I wearing too much make up?

I know thousands of girls ask this question, but I really would like some feedback. I’m 13 btw!

-Occasionally some foundation if I had a long night!

-Under eye concealer

– Skin-colored/peach eye shadow

-No lip color

-If I wear eyeliner, it’s on the top, but not on the lid- it’s under the eye lashes- like when you put it on the bottom (if that made any sense!) so it’s subtle

-Concealer if I get a really annoying zit. The concealer I use is from Dr. Hauschka- it’s a biodynamic/organic skincare company! And I use Dr. Hauschka for everyday skincare. I always remove my make up as soon as I get home.

I don’t wear anything else. I only wear this occasionally if I look too tired! And I avoid conventional make up and skincare.

So what do you all think? I hope it’s not too much!

The eyeliner – when I wear it, you can’t see it. It just looks like I’ve got thicker lashes.

Admin answers:

Ok, well, to be honest, some of the above answers are a little patronizing, saying you’re only 13 & treating you like a little kid. I knew I hated that when I was that age. Basically, the amount you wear is absolutely fine. I know twelve year olds who wear VERY heavy black liquid eyeliner [& that’s coming from me, who wears heavy black eyeliner because I’m Visual Kei/Emo] radioactive orange foundation, two tons of creamy, icky lipstick & screeds of clotted mascara. So, in comparison to that, your make up’s great!

Nancy asks…Is selling Harmonee Organics worth it?

I am considering selling Harmonee Organics.  I learned about it from a friend and it seems to be a pretty good company. They sell Organic Skin Care products.  I tried the products and I saw a big difference in my skin and of course I need extra money.  Has anyone had any luck with them?

Admin answers:

Absolutely!  I just got started at the beginning of the month and I have already earned my investment back. You can get started for just $85 but I decided to go with the $199 Right Start Value Pack because it includes full size products of the whole Harmonee Organics product line a $443 value.  I am so relieved that I don’t have to buy any inventory to run my business (I used to sell Mary Kay).  My clients place orders with me and the company ships it to them in only 3 days.  You get a flat 35% earnings on all sales and if you sell $1500 or more you get 40%.  Not to mention that if you sell $300 or more (retail) you get to buy $100 worth of products for just $20.

I am truly happy with this program.  It works if you work it and the great thing is you don’t have to keep any inventory just the demo products that come with your kit.  It’s up to you how you get your sales you can do parties or one on one.

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