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Questions About Bumps On Scalp and Hair Loss Answered

Laura asks…I have a small bloody bump on my scalp? Hair loss? HELP!

So a few weeks ago I noticed a big bump on my scalp and it was hard and I thought it was a pimple. It hurt really bad to the point where I could only sleep on the right side of my head and not the left. So after a couple of days it became squishy and not so red anymore and not so painful and the bump became smaller and right now I was just taking a shower and I noticed that the bump was bleeding AND there was hair loss around it.

Should I just go to the doctor? I haven’t told my mom yet but she knows I have a bump on my scalp but not the hair loss part around it. I’m scared to death and I think I have cancer. I’m 14, btw.

Admin answers:  I think you should definitely show your mom and go see a doctor.  I’m not sure if that’s cancer, but it could be some sort of infection or fungus.

Okay, so I have been reading up on this.  I think you have folliculitus.  Check out this website to learn more. Http://

Lisa asks…Small bump on my head/scalp with hair loss – What is it?

I started noticing a small bump on my head a few weeks ago; I thought it was a pimple so i didn’t really care about it at first because i usually get a pimple in the same spot where it is.  But then I was noticing it became a little bit larger than a pimple.  Now the size of the bump has decreased but now there is no hair where the bump is.  Is this hair loss permanent and should i be worried about this.  I did pick at the bump btw.  Thanks.

Admin answers:  It won’t be permanent. After the parts were the pimple grew healed. You hair will start to grow again but it will take a while for the follicles to be revived. Just be patient and it will just be fine.

Donna asks…Hair loss bumps on my head…?

Well, I went to the doctors and they told me that it looked like I had a type of fungus inside of my head effecting the hair lines because I had bumps on my head, not very visible, so they scraped off some of my scalp and took pieces of my hair and I came out negative for the symptom, i don’t remember the exact name of the symptom but it had to do with fungus. I currently have four bald spots on my head and I am really starting to freak out, because I knew there was a cure for the fungus by taking pills and that it would cure in about four weeks. Now that I am negative for it I am thinking that I might have something a lot worse and the doctor told me to see a dermatologist. I am 16 and having hair loss is a really big thing for me. Well my main question is, what do you guys think it could be?

Admin answers:  Seeing a dermatologist would be a great start… Are you stressed?  How is your diet?  If these things are normal, ask the dr. About alopecia… Is there hair within the bald spots?  If so, it could be something with your thyroid.

Joseph asks…Itchy skin, scalp and hair loss?

I’ve been experiencing itchy skin and scalp and hair loss for quite some time. I can’t remember when it started though. It was just itching a little but my scalp will itch like crazy if I don’t wash it daily. I didn’t pay much attention to my then slightly itchy skin and scalp because I thought the itching was caused by me not rinsing myself clean enough. I started rinsing myself longer but the itching did not stop.

Ever since September/October last year, all these problems got worse. I started having dandruff and I dropped a lot more hair. I was itching much more. Mostly right after I bathe. I’ll itch for about 30 minutes. Small bumps started appearing on my back, chest and neck. They’re not visible but you could feel those bumps when you touch them.  And I’m having dark spots on my legs and arms from scratching. And recently, a few of those bumps on my back are turning into pimples.

I’ve been googling a lot on itchy skin and scalp. And I have tried changing my bath towels, bed sheets and clothes more frequently. I’m using lesser shampoo than before because some websites claim that shampooing dries out the scalp causing it to itch? (I don’t know if this is true) I’ve changed my shampoo to a moisturizing one and my dandruff was slightly better. Changing body soap did not help at all. I’ve stopped using hair conditioner and hair mask because I couldn’t tolerate the itch. I need my clothes on to prevent myself from scratching. ):

I’m starting to pay more attention to when I itch. The itch usually starts when I’m rinsing off the body soap and red patches will start to form on my skin. It’ll last for about 30minutes and the itch and those red patches will disappear. (I’ll still itch now and then throughout the day though.) I did try to use a cream moisturizer but it wasn’t helping. I stopped using it after two days because I feel really gross when using the moisturizer. It does not get absorbed or evaporate or whatever. It’ll stay on the skin and I’ll feel really sticky and gross throughout the day.

I am using the same brand for my shampoo, hair mask, hair conditioner, body wash, facial wash, pimple cream etc. etc. for about 4 years because my mom is a distributor of that particular brand products. I never really liked these products because the shampoo seems to be damaging my hair. But I have no say in choosing hair/body products because my mom refuses to buy any other products other than this.

I’m really sorry for this long and disgusting question. I was hoping that I could cure these itching by myself without having to see a doctor. Because it’s expensive and my mom doesn’t think that I have a need to see a doctor. Are there any products that would help the itch?  I don’t know where to start and what to look out for.

Admin answers:  You might be allergic to something in the soap or shampoo you are using. The main ingredient in many soaps and shampoo’s is something called sodium laureth sulfate, which causes the product to sud and lather. It’s basically a detergent. Maybe you can try a natural or homeopathic alternative shampoo. Most natural soap products are made without sodium laureth sulfate, and have milder ingredients. They are a nice alternative, but you may find that it’s more difficult to wash hair because it doesn’t foam up. Although, just because it doesn’t lather, doesn’t mean it cleans your hair/skin any less than ‘regular’ shampoo or soap. Don’t scrub harder because it doesn’t suds as much.

You may also have some deficiencies in your diet that you didn’t notice before. Make sure you get enough Vitamin E. You can try taking fish oil supplements. They don’t taste too good, but it’s good for your hair, skin, and nails. Are you taking any medications lately? You may respond in certain ways with medication, due to the side effects. If you’re a female perhaps you started birth control—the change in hormones may cause some hair loss.

Don’t wash your hair everyday. You strip your skin of necessary oils that condition your scalp and hair. If it gets greasy, you can sprinkle some baby powder or dry shampoo to absorb the oils. You don’t need to wash your skin everyday either. Dermatologists say that skin doesn’t smell….just make sure to wash those areas that sweat and smell, like underarms and other areas.

If this doesn’t help, you’ll need to go to the Doctor. It is expensive….but sometimes it is very necessary for your health. It sounds like you could be experiencing alopecia or eczema. Don’t get worried and diagnose yourself after reading about it on google! However, if you find that none of the above helps you, you may need to see a Doctor just in case to be on the safe side. Good luck!

Ruth asks…My hair is so gross, help.

  • Dandruff
  • Itchy
  • Oily
  • Some bumps on scalp

= Hair Loss!

I’m under stress which doesn’t help. While I figure that out, what can I do hair wise?

Bonus: I need to make my roots STRONGER!

Admin answers:  Try putting apple cider vinegar onto your scalp after you wash & condition it. It’s super cheap and helps your scalp’s health immensely. It’s so great!

Make sure you’re washing your hair daily.

Purchase an anti-dandruff shampoo but don’t over-use it.

Also make sure you’re rinsing your hair extra-well.

Try changing shampoo & conditioner brands if you’ve been using the same kind for a few cycles-your scalp and hair can get used to it and you need a different kind to get rid of buildup.

Also avoid dying/highlighting your hair until it’s healthy again! That will only hurt it.

Good luck hon!

Robert asks…Hair loss due to anemia? Scalp infection? HELP!

When I was around 16 I noticed hair loss.  Before then I had thick healthy hair.  Around the age 18 my hair began to become noticeably thinner around the top of my head where my part is.  I went to the Dr. and found out that I had anemia.  I took about 2 bottles of the prescribed iron pills over the years.  I have not been routinely sticking to taking iron vitamins and have not been back to the Dr. for blood work to see if I am still anemic.  My hair is still thinning and it’s taking its toll on my self-esteem.  I do not have health insurance or adequate income to be going to the Dr. as much as I should be going for this issue.  I’m 24 yrs. old now with hair that is thinning more and more all over I feel as if I’m destined to become bald and unhappy and I’m giving up hope. Is there hope for me? I also notice that I do have dandruff and sometimes get little red itchy bumps on my scalp that scab (probably due to scratching) if I skip a day without washing my hair.  Could this be due to a scalp infection? Should I use Nizoral shampoo? Will Nizoral shampoo help regrow my hair? Other than the routine “see a dr” advice can anyone offer me any advice on this issue? Does anemia really cause this much hair loss? Is anyone going through what I’m going through? HELP!

Admin answers:  It’s crucial to eat effectively to keep healthy. Acai berry is an exciting super food which keeps you healthy and additionally has the bonus of assisting you to lose a pile of weight.

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