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Proper Skin Care According to Your Skin’s Age

After the tumultuous years of being a teenager, putting up with acne and if you’re a male beginning to shave, now is the moment to offer your skin all that you can to keep its health, youthful looks and build its resistance to stop premature aging. So far, your skin will have developed its basic skin types and your selection of natural skin care system(s) should reflect your skin types.

Usually, there is an oily T-zone while the cheeks, neck and eye regions are either normal or tend to be dry. If this is the situation, you literally must treat the different areas with different products. Basically, you need to use skin care products for oily skin on your oily T-zone and products suitable for normal or dry skin on the remaining area of your facial skin and neck. Keep in mind that you need to take care of your skin on a daily basis and it is best for it to include an exfoliant and/or facial clay mask at least once every week.

As the body ages, skin cell renewal slows and elastin and collagen production also take a nose dive. This is the moment when fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. The exact age at which this begins to happen depend on your genes and how good you’ve been caring for your skin, how much sun exposure your skin has been subjected to and how much exposure it has had to the elements and other environmental factors.

Some people’s skin looks 30 in their 70’s and they did very little to make this happen – they are the very fortunate and isolated ones. Almost all people find that as they get older, the skin shows its age, too. This is when the effort of the past few decades will start to pay off, if you’ve been using a good quality, daily skin care regime, stayed out of the sun as much as you could, had a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and generally took care of your body’s health, your skin will show this also – you are what you eat and this truth begins to show itself in later years.

Taking the time to care of your skin is not just for keeping a youthful, healthy skin, but your skin’s health will have a marked effect on your body’s health. The skin is an important organ that has many vital functions to perform and if we do not take care of the health of our skin, this can result in other, more serious health problems.

All the skin care products out there will not make your skin look healthier or younger, if you do not take care and treat your internal health problems.

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