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Does ProNexin Acne Treatment Work?

There is a new vogue of natural multi ingredient acne treatments on the market at the moment and they are all very similar both in advertising, price and ingredients and this is yet another in this range.

Pronexin is similar to Anexus and many other products currently available. It contains 33 vitamins, minerals and herbal acne aids so has more ingredients than most.

What is Pronexin?

Pronexin is easy to use. Simply wash face in warm water and apply the formula, allow to dry and rinse off. For a deeper cleanse leave the gel on your face to dry naturally before rinsing and use one or twice a day.  Pronexin promises to clear, revitalize moisturize and heal your acne.

What are the ingredients in Pronexin?

Pronexin contains 33 ingredients. These include practically every cosmetic or natural beauty project you have ever heard of, however the principle ingredients are white willow herb – a natural form of salicylic acid, aloe vera, green tea, tea tree oil, vitamins, jojoba, avocado and much more.

These are all good ingredients and you will not find Benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid parabens or alcohol.

Does Pronexin Work?

There are only natural ingredients in this product and it is unlikely to do you any harm at all. The big problem with acne treatments of this kind is that the ingredients are in small quantities and most of them do not really target acne but work as a more general skin lotion.

Although the science sounds convincing, the levels of active ingredients are miniscule and it is unlikely that it will work on anything other than a very mild acne condition.

Any side effects with Pronexin acne wash?

There do not appear to be any side effects.

Where can I buy Pronexin?

Pronexin is available from the product website and costs $29.99 per bottle, said to last 3 months. There are reductions and free acne spot treatment included for larger orders. Shipping costs to addresses outside the USA are not specified.

Our Pronexin verdict:

Pronexin is an OK product that will not do you any harm and will probably make your skin feel smooth and as a facial cleanser, it will be perfectly good enough to use. It may give some relief to mild acne conditions. However, it will probably not cure your acne and it is not strong enough to help with more severe conditions.

If you are considering using a more natural product to cure your acne permanently, an established brand such as Exposed Skin Care will give much better results. These products use fewer ingredients in much stronger quantities and are proven to work.

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