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Pro-NAD: A Remarkable Breakthrough in Skin Repair

Skin damage, as a result of sun exposure is a common and serious problem. Wrinkles, sagging skin, rough skin tone, mottled pigmentation, and sallow skin are all some common cosmetic concerns relating to sun exposure. However, more serious concerns such as skin cancer and actinic keratosis should also be addressed in a serious, effective skin care routine.

The NIA 24/7 Skin System by Niadyne, Inc. has found a remarkable new treatment that has been shown to repair skin DNA cells damaged by sun exposure. This new DNA repair technology is so promising, and the early findings so impressive, the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health have selected this technology to be developed as a potential skin cancer prevention agent.

What is Pro-NAD?

Pro-NAD is a system for delivering niacin (vitamin B complex). Niacin isn’t easily absorbed by the skin and so in the past, products that contained niacin were largely a waste of time and money. Pro-NAD changes that. It was developed at the University of Arizona and early trials in 2002 were supported by the National Cancer Institute. It not only delivers niacin topically, but can do so by time-releasing it over a 24-hour period. Another good thing with Pro-NAD is that it simultaneously increases skin cell turnover and skin barrier integrity.  Unlike other anti-aging products, Pro-NAD showed an ability to significantly increase cell turnover without weakening the skin barrier. In fact, the skin barrier was strengthened, resulting to less moisture-loss and increased photo protection.

Trial Results

Skin roughness improved in 82% of study subjects.  After 30 days, significant improvement was observed, with continued progress through the 90 trial period. The degree of improvement was strongly correlated with the degree of photo damage. In addition to reduction of tactile roughness, an unexpected but significant reduction in solar lentigines was also observed. Skin firmness improved in 52% of study subjects.  It was also noted that improvements in skin firmness were greatest in subjects with severe photo damage. Significant improvements were observed in the cheek and jaw regions at 30 days, and improvements were significant in all regions by 60 days.

Skin tone improved in 81% of study subjects. Significant improvement in skin color and radiance contributing to skin tone was observed in all regions in 30 days, and improvement progressed linearly over the 90-day trial period. Fine lines and wrinkles improved in 68% of study subjects.

Pro-NAD has been chosen by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health for development as a skin cancer prevention agent.  So next time you get yourself some skin treatments, be sure Pro-NAD is in it.

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