Preventing Diabetes Complications

Innovative diabetes medication is moving into the pharmaceutical market every year and it forces individuals to take a second look. One such diabetes medicine Benfotiamine is a medication from around the world and now is here in the United States. This Benfotiamine contains a specific substance, allithiamine compound that is having a positive effect of a few of the progressive diseases concerning diabetes. The effects is has on neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy, heart disease, and circulatory breakdowns as a result of diabetes is absolutely amazing.

Benfotiamine is one of a very few diabetes medications that is actually more of a preventive medication rather than a symptom coating and this make this particular diabetes medication and enormous move in the forward direction. Many years now the scientific community has concentrated on masking the symptoms to offer a better quality of life for all diabetes individuals. This is a side that continues to accomplish the goal through diabetic supplies being readily available in the supermarkets and pharmaceuticals. The diabetes test administered through the medical physician in the office, and the refining of insulin to make it more palatable and compatible with all diabetes individuals.

Benfotiamine is a new diabetes product tested for well over twelve years in Europe with remarkable benefits as a diabetes medication with little or no side effects. Diabetes treatments utilizing this particular type of medication is a new wave in the study of diabetes overall. This diabetes medication is going through trials in Japan as well and again shows to be the first preventive diabetes medication as opposed to other medications that have a purpose to mask the symptoms rather than to try to analyze the underlying cause.

Diabetes diets, diabetes drugs the glucose monitors, the use of insulin, diabetes recipes for the daily diet are important and good steps forward, but again they mask the underlying causes of diabetes rather than cure diabetes. This is the one major difference with the outcome of Benfotiamine now introduced to the current market almost worldwide for all diabetes individuals to have a better chance at a cure. Diabetes is a disease studied for hundreds of years and still today there is no known cure to put it to rest. Until this one small innovative breakthrough in the medical communities around the world.

Individuals participating in the many trials that are through the medical community, having surpassed all expectations with little to no side effects. In turn, after all these years it has finally entered the United States and the countless trials are all responding with positive results. Is it possible the medical community after the past centuries of studying and learning about this malady that there is a real cure for diabetes? Countless medical researchers and scientists agree through the published reports they are sending out to the various communities that they believe this will create waves with the expertise of neuropathy, nephropathy, heart disease, circulatory complications, and retinopathy for a new beginning.

The effectiveness and potential of this new wonder diabetes drug is a brand new tool in the medical physician’s tool box to add to the multitude of other life saving diabetes drugs that already are available and out in the world markets. This will over time change the face of diabetes once and for all to the benefit of all the individuals inflicted with this malady. Couple this new medication with the education of the diabetes diet planner of a regimented diet of fresh vegetables, preferably green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and pears will all lead to the road in eliminating diabetes one day.

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