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Personal Stories on Fighting Acne

I have been conducting continuous research about acne, from causes, treatments, and scar treatments since the age of 17, I am now 29. Unlike most people, my acne did not stop after puberty in fact it got much worst.

I tried so many different types of home regimens. One of the most popular is a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide combined with extensive moisturizer. This routine always left my skin red, irritated and produced different tone spots. I also went through different types of oral antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Minocycline, Doxycycline and topical antibiotics.

Being raised in Colombia, home remedies are part of the culture. I tried different flower elixirs and even visited a “brujo”, a witch doctor who claimed could cure people with his touch.  Needless to say it seemed that all efforts where in vain. Being a dancer and performer having bad skin was not only affecting me physiologically but also professionally.  I didn’t even have the confidence to talk to women because I figure they would turn me down because of my bad skin. I continued to experiment with different combination of treatments to find one that worked. I didn’t have the $6,000 to invest in a laser treatment at the time so I continued to struggle with it.

One day I had to submit myself to the emergency room due to a bad case of strep throat, the doctor who attended me took a quick look at my skin and said she had won the fight against acne herself.  She prescribed to me Clindamycin 1% topical gel, after the skin cleared she recommended glycolic acid peels and afterwards a routine that had proven to be effective for her. You might have read by now that one of the causes of acne is the result of plugged pores, dead skins cells and oil which creates the growth of bacteria.  Clindamycin works by depleting bacteria the protein that it needs to survive causing in a sense to starve to death.

After your skin clears up, it is necessary to allow 3 months for the skin to adjust and continue the healing process of the post acne red marks.  These are not scars they are post inflammatory hyperpigmentation–they are signs of the tissue continuing to heal itself.  Once that is diminished depending on the severity of the scars, a glycolic acid treatment is necessary either by your dermatologist or by using over the counter products.

The third step is consistent care of your skin. The regimen that has worked extremely well for me is to clean my face twice a day with a non-alcohol based cleanser with 1% salicylic acid, and exfoliate micro-beads, I follow that with a glycolic acid toner and finalize with a moisturizer. I also apply an over the counter glycolic acid mask peel every two weeks. And the most importantly is consistency. I always have Clindamycin stocked and readily at hand.  It conserves itself really well, if I notice that acne might start in the prone areas, I apply it immediately and by next day it is all gone.

It has been miracle cure for me something that the Colombian “brujo” could not do. Mind you that everyone’s acne is different and may respond to different treatments and medications this is what happened to cure my acne and continues to keep my skin clear.

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