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Oriflame Lipsticks come in a variety of formulations colors and ranges. Kissable and luscious, Oriflame long lasting lipsticks have the benefit of nourishing your lips all day long. Using a lip pencil to define the shape of your lips and applying lipstick with a lip brush rather than just applying the product straight from the lipstick, helps to give you the best effect and the most long lasting lipstick.

When applying lipstick with a lip brush apply more than one layer and dab with tissue in between application. This helps to keep your lipstick color strong and long lasting.

Oriflame Lipstick Tips

Use good quality lipstick for best results. A lip liner will reduce ‘bleed’ into fine lines and wrinkles. Use a lip liner that tones with your lipstick. Lip brush application of lipstick means your lipstick will last longer. Layering is the key!

NEVER share lipsticks with other people. Use a lighter shade during the day and vamp up your makeup with deeper tones for evening wear. Lip gloss makes for a more kissable look. Keep lips moisturized by using the Tender Care magic pot of honey from Oriflame.

Your Guide to Choosing The Right Lipstick

Lipstick or Lip gloss, Hi shine, glossy, matte – lipstick isn’t as simple as just choosing a colour any more. There are a range of different looks you can create with Oriflame lipsticks, lip pencils and lip glosses. Match the product to the occasion, and wear what feels comfortable. Trendy Lip glosses have become very trendy in the last few years and Oriflame have great products and shades for you to try. When applied they have high shine with a definite moist look and fabulous colour – and the bonus is that they help to protect the lips whilst they look luscious! The other kind of lip gloss is just a shine with a hint of colour or shimmer. These can be used on its own or over a lip colour to add extra gloss.

The Oriflame solution for Dry Cracked Lips

You can help to prevent dry and cracked lips by hydration and protection. Protection comes from using an Oriflame lip balm that has UVF protection when you are not wearing lipstick during the day, and re-apply it often. At night or indoors Oriflame Tender Care is the little pot of magic that helps keep lips looking and feeling great.

Lipstick Bleed – how to stop it & make your lipstick last longer

If your lipstick bleeds into the surrounding skin, a fantastic product is Oriflame Time Reversing Eye and Lip contour cream. Rub into your lips and the surrounding area at night and before you apply lipstick. It will help to reduce lipstick bleed and beautifully conditions your lips. You should apply your foundation over your lips when applying make-up. It gives you a base for your lipstick and helps it to last much longer. Another tip is to apply one coat of lipstick with a lip brush, then blot with a tissue before applying another coat. Using a lip pencil can help to define the lips and prevent lip color bleeding onto the surrounding skin.  Apply the lip pencil before your lip color with the line slightly outside your lip line to give a fuller look (be careful not to overdo this & go too far). Fill the lip area in with color using a lip brush. A lip pencil should be in a toning, slightly darker shade than your lip color.  Take the time to practice using a lip pencil as mistakes can look very clown-like.

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