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How Organic is Your Organic Skin Care Products?

All of us are, at some point in time, trying to figure out how to slow down our aging process. When wrinkles appear on our faces, we run to the nearest drug store for creams that fight against ageing. But do we take time to go through the label of these products to see what they are really made of? Probably not in most cases.

Most of the popular beauty products have in fact many chemical ingredients that are harmful to your skin. Big cosmetic and personal care companies know this and so they are beginning to produce organic offerings. The question is, are they really better? Do they work equally well?

The truth is that anything organic is good for us. But you have to be really careful with products like these because some companies claim to have products that are organic, but there is a lot of fallacy behind those words. It is obvious that 2% of an organic ingredient doesn’t make any product fully organic. Read the label carefully is my advice.

Organic natural skin care should mean that it meets certain recognized standards. In particular, all the ingredients in these products must be organically produced. Also, these ingredients must be on top of the list. This means that the product contains enough of this ingredient to render help to your aging skin.

If you’re looking for organic brands, anything chemical that can harm your skin should not really be considered. You can browse over the net and search for the ingredients of the products you’re planning to buy. In case you’re not familiar with an ingredient, simply look it up.

Those who find the best products that make them look so much younger and eliminate their wrinkles and sagging skin are those who have done some extensive research. A case of some research bringing some reward! They are those, who through hard work have found the best organic natural skin care solutions that deliver what they promise, a truly healthy and younger looking complexion.

Among the hundreds of personal care items in the market today, it’s quite overwhelming to know which one to trust. It’s generally true to say that ingredients are the main factors that determine their effectiveness. The top natural skin care products are those that have ingredients that really work, so let’s have a look at some that really count. Many of these may be new to you, such as Maracuha, Phytessence Wakame, Babassu and grape seed oil.

Phytessence Wakame is an extract from Japanese sea kelp. This extract is known to have ingredients that can eliminate hyaluronidase, a harmful enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid in our skin. This kind of acid is necessary for the growth and renewal of our skin. With phytessence wakame, the levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin can increase to make our skin look younger. Isn’t that what we’re after!

Maracuja sounds like a place in Mexico, but in fact Maracuja is an extract from a passion fruit in Brazil. It is known to be a natural emollient that is rich in linoleic acid. With a similar structure as our human skin, this extract has been proven to nourish and revitalize our skin. An added feature of this extract is its ability to regulate sebum production in our skin, the end result to make it silky-smooth.

Nearly all skin care products in the market at present have wax, but only the top natural skin care products have a special natural wax such as Babassu. This wax comes from the Babassu palm plant, commonly found in the Amazon regions of Brazil. This wax can smoothen and revitalize the skin, leaving it protected from grime and dirt. In fact, it has been proven to heal inflamed, dry, and itchy skin.

Top natural skin care products are those that use and incorporate powerful antioxidants like grape seed oil. Grapeseed oil is very effective in shielding our skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Likewise, it has the capacity to repair damaged skin and reduce stretch marks. It is composed of essential oils and vitamin E that help nourish the skin.

The next time you make a purchase look out for brands that use the natural extracts mentioned above, by simply going through the label and checking.

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