Why Omega 3 Fish Oils Make a Great Lucid Memory Pill

If you want to have a better memory, improved concentration and enhanced brain health, then an omega 3 fish oil supplement could be the answer.  You may think about these valuable oils as being better for protecting your heart which of course they do, but they are absolutely essential for correct brain functioning and mental health. This is why they make an excellent choice as a lucid memory pill Studies have shown that taking the right fish oils for a period of six months can result in people making half as many errors when tested. It has been likened to having the memory of a younger person!

Fish oils are able to maintain healthy brain tissue, especially the DHA omega 3 fatty acids as the brain is composed of a large proportion of these essential fats. DHA fats help to keep the neural pathways clear to improve the clarity and the speed of the brain signals, resulting in a sharper mind and better memory.

It is thought that the declining consumption of fresh fish because of contamination has led to an increase in mental health conditions. Fish oils for example can reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia by more than 25%.  Of course these oils provide much more including prevention of heart attacks and strokes, better vision, reduced LDL cholesterol and effective treatment for arthritis. Many other lucid memory pill supplements will only help with your memory, and even then fish oils are far superior and more affordable.

To get these benefits, you need oil high in DHA, which can be quite a challenge as the majority has more of the other fatty acid EPA. Just check the website or label carefully and ensure you get about twice as much DHA as EPA. It is good to use molecularly distilled oil as then all the toxins from the fish will have been removed, like arsenic and mercury. This also concentrates the oil more in omega 3.

There’s no doubt about it, omegas 3 supplements from fish oil will not only significantly improve your memory, but help to ensure your overall health and well-being too.

Q & A

QUESTION: Best fish oil pills? What is the best omega-3 fish oil pill at CVS? Any to avoid? Is the store brand good or bad? Cheap is preferred!

ANSWER: I have found that it is best to use a fish oil with vitamin E, the best brand for me, anyway, is ‘Kordel’s”.  I take it three times a day.

QUESTION:  Which are the best fish oil pills to Help Lower my Triglycerides?  Dr. told me to start taking fish oil pill containing Omega 3 – to help lower my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I purchased Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil w/ Omega-3 & Vitamin E.  Is this good, or is there a better product for me to consider?

ANSWER:  Carlson’s is one of the best brands I know of.  You should take their cod liver oil in the winter months and then switch to regular fish oil (krill is excellent) during summer months.  While fish oil is good for the heart, cholesterol is a whole other ballgame — especially since tons of evidence exists to support the fact that high cholesterol does not cause heart disease (do a general Google search and you will find loads of information).  The only way cholesterol is implicated in heart disease is if your arteries are scarred (from too much trans-fat, for one) — it is then that the cholesterol can stick and clog your arteries.  Otherwise, it just flows on through many people have had levels over 600 with no heart problems (due to healthy arteries).

QUESTION: Are there inflammatory benefits to Omega 3 fish oil? I met a woman who sees a chiropractor on a regular basis. He gave her Omega 3 Fish oil pills to take and said they were good for inflammation. I wondered if it would be good for osteoarthritis or other arthritis. Has anyone heard of that? Also what are the best supplements to take? I have read that some can bother your stomach…yuck!

ANSWER: They can be fish oil does have some natural anti-inflammatory properties, but the supplement bottle itself can’t actually say that because “inflammation” is considered a medical condition (go figure that), and no supplement can legally make a medical claim (which “anti-inflammatory” is, unfortunately). I’ve had several customers tell me that they take fish oil because it helps their arthritis…. but the supplements can’t even imply that they could help arthritis because of FDA regulations.

Anyway, I’ll step off my soapbox now and say that most people don’t get stomach upset from fish oil unless they are sensitive to fish or oil but some people do get a bit of a fishy taste when they burp (which can be overlooked by an enteric coated fish oil for those that are put off enough if they get that but those are much more expensive).

As far as other supplements, there are a lot of things that are very popular, including Microlactin, Hyaluronic Acid, Tart Cherry Extract, Litozin (Danish Rose Hips), Glucosamin, Chondroitin, MSM, and Avovida (a combination of avocado and soy). Most of them are very economical and are very beneficial… our customers order them on a very regular basis. Most people get benefit from one or more of these ingredients within anywhere from a week to a couple months, depending on how long it takes for the supplement to get into their joints.

The only thing you’d have to worry about on any of these aside from allergic reactions is that the Microlactin is from milk and the Glucosamin is typically from Shellfish (those are the most common allergens).

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