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Natural Skin Whitening Agents That You Can Find In the Market

First discovered in Japan in 1989, kojic acid is pulled from a mushroom.  The acid is also used for malting rice for sake.   It is perhaps the most popular skin whitening ingredient in Asia and because it is legal and safe to use, has grown in popularity worldwide.

So how does kojic acid whiten skin?

The source of pigmentation comes from the melanin.  Kojic acid has properties that prevent the production of melanin. The natural ingredients of kojic acid interfere with a substance called tyrosinase which is a catalyst for melanin production.

The result?

Whiter, fairer skin. Kojic acid comes in a variety of applications including lotions and creams. Kojic acid soap can be used daily like any other soap and usually is mixed with papaya for a fresh, clean smelling scent. Although it can be used safely daily, just like any soaps, they will dry the skin and there are some other ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed with it, such as salicylic acid.

Additionally, it should be tested on the skin before use to make sure adverse conditions don’t occur.

The next natural skin whitening product is salicylic cream which is best used for acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions that deal with uneven discoloration of the skin. In fact, you can find this in concentrated form in most acne medications available at your local pharmacy without a prescription.

Additionally, salicylic acid can also be found in products that treat warts. As far as beauty is concerned, using a concentrated salicylic acid is effective because of its exfoliation properties. Unlike other hydroxies, this acid is in a class all to itself. Basically, since it is oil soluble, it can penetrate skin cells much more easily than other acid creams. The risk of skin irritation is minimal and it is considered to be safe to use daily.

Finally, there is glycolic acid. It exfoliates the skin naturally, just like salicylic acid but not as deeply, making it very safe to use. The difference between glycolic acid and the rest is that it naturally stimulates collagen, the substance that gives us beautiful skin.  It is typically as a glycolic acid peel. A glycolic acid peel is a good choice if you are trying to reverse the effects of skin damage, diminish the appearance of age spots that we get as we age and for treating the very fine lines and wrinkles around the edges of our mouth and corners of our eyes.

Glycolic Acid is also good for pimples. The way it works is it helps to shrink up large pores in the skin and in effect reduces the chances of developing blackheads and whiteheads. Purplish, painful acne will start to dissipate with each and every face peel.

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