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Natural Skin Lightener: Effective Skin Whitening Remedies

If you are looking for an effective natural skin lightener here you will find few of them, but first let me tell you about the nasty side-effects of this well-known skin lightening treatment: hydroquinone.

A component formerly banned from skin bleaching products for its harmful consequences regarding the skin has recently been identified to trigger cancer, in a study released by Doctors T Kooyers and W Westerhof, which are top specialists regarding skin discoloration.

The substance hydroquinone was initially suspended from being added to beauty products on Jan. 2001 because of its extensively recorded external side effects in the epidermis, but a new study has proved that it can produce additional long-term consequences and also the assessment states that hydroquinone continues to be available in the market through 2 channels.

First of all, many hydroquinone products continue to be brought in through nations where it’s not yet been criminalized, and a significant illegal market exists in many countries.

Next and far more worrying is that businesses are able to still advertise products formulated with bearberry as well as arbutin legitimately.

Bearberry is a pure source of arbutin and arbutin is actually the glycoside of hydroquinone. When on the skin, arbutin produces hydroquinone, so many individuals continue to be in touch with this specific ingredient.

The substance hydroquinone has been utilized for many years for skin lightening as well as a cure for skin pigmentation, after skin problems like acne breakouts, brown spots, and skin burning and after pregnancy.

Dr Westerhofs discovered that the use of hydroquinone lead to blood cancers, such as leukaemia, and kidney deterioration in tests performed in animals. If placed on the epidermis it’s easily absorbed into the system and eliminated gradually through the renal system, indicating that hydroquinone builds up within the body.

It’s broken down while in the bone marrow and that is the place where long-term harm may begin.

Dr Kooyers expresses that it’s worrying to consider that many of us are not aware that we are still expose to hydroquinone and that we don’t know the dangerous, long-term complications this substance may cause.

The EEC is yet to give the conclusion on alternative options to hydroquinone; however it is extremely important to spread the information around that “less dangerous options can be found”.

Ever since the prohibition of hydroquinone, General Topics, a leading research organization, headed by Doctor Paoli Ambrosi, has explored other possibilities and has now tested and created a solution known as Thiospot, which is equally efficient as hydroquinone yet with no potential risks.

Thiospot contains natural skin lightening ingredients that will develop in the skin during several weeks, reducing excessive pigment formation so lighter skin cells will move towards the surface of the skin.

Natural Skin Whitening Remedies

1- Lemon is regarded as one of the most effective natural skin lightener helping to reduce brown spots, scarring, and so on.

Squeeze one lemon in a container. With the help of cotton place the freshly squeezed lemon juice to the skin. It will probably tingle slightly so apply with care. Leave it on for ten minutes.

This treatment is recommended to use at night because of the adverse reaction of lemon when in contact with sunlight. Leave it overnight for a more intense treatment and cleanse any excess the following morning. Use it around 3 times per week. You will see the effects within several weeks.

If you wish, it can help to incorporate a bit of honey in the fresh lemon juice. This can help alleviate your skin, reducing any itchiness.

If there is any remaining juice, simply cover it and keep it in the refrigerator to use it again.

2- Natural skin lightener solution- Take a peeled orange and few slices of a peeled potato. Put them in a mixer and add 2 spoons of natural yogurt. Mix very well and apply over the areas you want to lighten. Leave for about fifteen minutes and rinse off. Repeat several times per week.

3- Mix one tsp of honey with one tsp of lemon juice, one tsp of oatmeal and ½ tsp of almond oil. Leave it on the skin for around 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Use this natural skin lightener remedy 3 or 4 times per week.

4- Facial Mask with tomato and oats-  Mix one spoon of oatmeal with some tomato juice and curd. Apply for twenty minutes and rinse off.

5- Facial mask using milk and almonds- Place few almonds in water and leave them overnight. Add milk and make a paste. Apply over the area-s and leave for twenty minutes. For an intensive treatment, leave during the night and rinse off in the morning. Repeat as often as you can to see the benefits.

It takes longer for natural skin lightener ingredients to show the full benefits, so you will need to be persistent and used them often to start seeing the results you are after.

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