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Natural Back Acne Treatment at Home

Back acne is common to most people, especially when reached adolescent and adult period. There are no scientific explanation why is there acne in the back. There are lots of natural back acne treatments, but first what really causes back acne? You can have acne because of excess oil, stress, hereditary, fatty food intake and excessive sweating. For back acne, some say wearing tight clothes makes you have pimple. One should wear clothes that are made of 100% cotton, where body’s heat escapes easily through your shirt in order for you not to have back acne.

For back acne problems usually doctors advise their patient for an oral prescription. It is in the back, it would be hard for you to treat that acne with creams or home remedies, the fact that you cannot put on a shirt or a top for hours. And what if you live alone, who’s going to apply treatment for you?

Antibiotics with tetracycline or minocycline are required for you to drink to get rid of that back acne.

Use and wear clean clothes such as bras and t-shirts. If you are working out, use clean towel.

If you are in a gym make sure that you put a clean towel first before lying down in the machine that you will be using. You can also wash your back with a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide. And last but not the least oral antibiotic that contains Accutane.

Take a bath and exfoliate by using long brush to reach the area.

There is anti-bacterial cleanser that you can buy in your local drugstore. Wash your back with that every day.

There is a cream with alpha hydroxyl treatment that you can purchase. Apply it on the back for treatment, and then let it dry before putting on a shirt.

Change you shirt at least twice a day to prevent the bacteria that produces acne.

Apply tea tree oil in your back to prevent acne and if you have one tea tree oil would help you lighten the scars mark fast.

If you sweat too excessively at the back try to apply antiperspirant. Too much sweat triggers the bacteria to form and will produce acne. But do not do it everyday, just apply it when you are facing an activity that you know that would make you sweat so badly.

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