My Suggestion For The Foods To Eat For A Healthy Diet


As someone, who has worked in the nutrition field for a long period of time, I am frequently asked about healthy diets. Many people understand the basics of putting together a healthy diet, but they’re unsure what foods to include. This is a major problem, which I hope to be able to correct. Below, you will be able to find my recommendations for the foods to eat for a healthy diet.

Black Beans

Although many people do not know it, beans can be extremely helpful to your overall health. Of course, some beans are better for you than others. Black beans should definitely be included in your daily diet! These are packed full of various nutrients, including those listed below.

• Fiber
• Protein
• Antioxidants
• Folate

The benefits of black beans are plentiful. For instance, they help food pass through the stomach and into the large intestines much easier. Also, they can help to stabilize blood sugar and to lower to risks of cardiovascular disease.


As a young boy or girl, you should recall Bugs Bunny eating tons of carrots. Although this might be referred to as propaganda nowadays, it was done for a good reason! Carrots can be very good for your overall health, as well as your skin! In fact, this delicious vegetable is often referred to as a super food. Below, you will find the benefits of carrots.

• Carrots can improve your vision
• Helps to reduce the risk of cancer
• Can slow down the natural processes of aging
• Enhances skin health
• Prevents infection

If you’re serious about your health, vision and skin, you will want to make sure to do, as Bugs Bunny and consume plenty of carrots! Besides the health benefits, they’re also very tasty!


Everyone loves apples, because they taste delicious and refreshing, but you may not understand their health benefits. I include 1 apple in my daily diet regimen, because it contains many antioxidants. The apple also contains several types of flavonoids, which are capable of combating cancers and osteoporosis. I really appreciate the fact that apples contain a high content of quercetin, as well. This product can protect the brain cells from free radicals.

Overall, you will find that the apple will fill your tummy and satisfy your hunger, but more importantly, this delicious fruit will help you maintain normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels.


The great thing about yogurt is you can consume it at any time throughout the day. Yogurt is filled with probiotics, which will neutralize acidic content, ward off unfriendly bacteria, and improve the overall digestive system. If you suffer from diarrhea or constipation, you should grab a cup of yogurt, because these probiotics will balance out the microflora that is found in the digestive tract, which will relieve these symptoms.


Although many people are unaware of the fact, putting together a healthy diet takes a little bit of science. However, understanding which foods are healthy does not. With the information, which I have presented you above, you will be able to pick and choose the foods that you like! Each is beneficial and none should be ignored!

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