My Professional Opinion On Foods That Are Not Good For You

foods that are not good for you

Hello there again ladies and gentlemen! I am back again to answer another question, which I receive frequently. What are the foods that are not good for you? In my profession, I am confronted with this question nearly every day! The majority of individuals understand the basics, but they do not know specifically what foods should be avoided. Have no fear, because I will lay these out for you below!


When you go into a convenience store, it is almost certain that you’ll run across someone purchasing a soda. A recent study has revealed that 56 to 85% of children drink at least one soda each day! In fact, some households have completely replaced water with soda, without even thinking about it! This is one of the worst decisions parents can make!

People don’t necessarily know it, but a single soda could contain as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories! Don’t forget about the substantial levels of caffeine, which is even worse! Overall, soda should be removed from your diet without exceptions.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Even as someone, who has a BA in Food Science and Nutrition, I am guilty of eating potato chips and French fries occasionally. These foods are so incredibly convenient that they’re difficult to avoid. However, it is essential to do so, because they’re terribly unhealthy. These foods may very well contain acrylamide. This specific ingredient can potentially lead to cancer! With this in mind, it is time to cut those convenient potatoes from your diet!

Fast Food

Everyone loves fast food, because it adds convenience to feeding their family, plus it tastes delicious. If you are concerned about you and your family’s health, you should pass up the fast food restaurant. Not only are these foods filled with trans-fat, but they are filled with calories.

Junk Food

There is nothing that tastes more delicious than a chocolate candy bar. Although your salivary glands are working overtime, when you are staring at that candy bar, you should pass it up. These junk foods are filled with refined sugar, which will make your overweight and increase your blood glucose levels.


When you go to the ballpark, you’ve got to eat a hotdog! It is a part of the experience after all. Take note that you should never make a habit of this type of behavior. Hotdogs are very unhealthy! Below, you will discover the unhealthy aspects of hotdogs.

• Loaded in fat and saturated fat
• Contains sodium nitrite, which can lead to cancer
• High in cholesterol
• Contains dangerous preservatives

Although hotdogs might be fine every one in a while, you should prevent yourself from eating them on a regular basis!

Canned Foods

You will find many different types of canned foods that are very desirable for your salivary glands, but it is crucial to look at the label, before you purchase them. Most canned foods such as soup, chili, and luncheon spreads are filled with sodium, which will increase your blood pressure.

You can find some canned vegetables and fruits that do not contain sodium, but it is still important to take a little extra time to read the labels. The label will provide you will variety of data that can help you tremendously.

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