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Mini Face Lift as another Anti-Aging Solution

A mini face lift is a surgical procedure that you can undertake to give yourself a more youthful look. As we get older, the inherent forces of gravity, own natural genetics and of course the daily damaging rays of the sun all work overtime to age us slowly.

There are many topical products and even products based on all natural ingredients that you can use to help reduce the appearance of ageing. However, sometimes a facelift or even a mini face lift will be the only real answer to treating aging facial features. Nonetheless whether or not you go for a full facelift or a mini facelift neither will remove every single wrinkle perfectly.

What is a mini face lift?

Compared to undergoing a full facelift operation a mini face lift requires less healing time and downtime from the operation. This procedure normally involves surgery on the bottom third of the face and is normally surgery that is best done for those who are beginning to show the signs of ageing. As a mini facelift is only done on the bottom third of the face it will obviously not improve the appearance of areas such as on your forehead, your eyebrows or around the eyes. Although the surgery is not as encompassing as a full facelift it is nonetheless helpful for those who want to start looking a little bit more youthful but are looking for a tuneup then a big makeover.

A mini face lift is often the preferred option to undergoing a full facelift. The results from a mini face lift can vary greatly depending on exactly the type of procedures that have to be done and also on the pre-existing look of the patient. The mini face lift is sometimes referred to as a neck lift or even a weekend facelift. If you undergo a mini facelift, surgery will only be performed on the lower third of your face. This means the area around your neck your chin your nose and your mouth. You may also want to consider other cosmetic procedures at the same time such as liposuction to remove any excess fat around the neck area to improve the overall look.

What are the benefits of a mini face lift?

As we get older some of us start to stall fat around the neck area and this contributes to us looking older. A mini facelift helps to create a more defined jawline. By removing excess sagging tissue and by tightening the skin around that area, it is possible to get a more energizing youthful look without having to resort to a full facelift.

As a mini facelift involves less tissue damage to your face due to surgery it is of a less risky procedure. Any associated healing and downtime from the procedure is consequently reduced. Any side effects from a full facelift such as swelling and bruising are less major and healing time is a much quicker. For those that are busy and still have to work, this basically means after a mini facelift you are able to return to your regular work and recreational activities much quicker. A mini facelift is done as an outpatient procedure and also cost about one third of the price you would expect to pay for full facelift, which at the same time requires you to be admitted into hospital.

What types of mini facelifts are there?

There are two types of mini facelifts. If you have had a previous history of fluctuating weight gain or you are overweight you may benefit most from the procedure where excess fat and skin is removed so that the neck muscles and the skin around your neck is tightened. On the other hand for those who have been in relatively good health during their lives, than only a small incision needs to be made so that the neck is contoured and the loose skin is removed.

Who is suitable for a mini facelift?

The best candidates for a mini facelift are those who have a jawline that is not well defined due to extra sagging skin or extra fat tissue around the neck area. By tightening the lower third of the face you can substantially improve the appearance of youthfulness.

How long does a mini facelift take?

Depending on exactly what procedures need to be undertaken by your surgeon, the exact time taken for a mini facelift will vary a lot. Additionally if you opt for other cosmetic procedures such as a liposuction than this will also add some time to your surgery. In general just a mini facelift will require at least 2 to 3 hours. If you only require a a mini neck lift then the procedure can be completed in as quick as one hour.

In terms of healing time, compared to a fall facelift where swelling and bruising may be present for at least one month if not longer, people who undertake a mini facelift will have some  swelling and bruising that by comparison will allow them to return to work in as quick as one week.

Patients who undergo a mini face lift generally have very long-lasting results. If after surgery you maintain a good healthy weight then you can have results that will last you many years.

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