Mattress: Your Best Sleeping Partner

When it comes to buying a mattress, don’t jump into bed with just any. You must remember that for a good night’s sleep, your mattress does matter. But with so many choices to choose from nowadays, buying a new one can be quite trying.

“The right one should be firm enough to provide support to your back, neck and legs, offering some cushion for comfort. You would want a mattress that is firm enough to distribute your weight or you will wake up sore,” says Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn Bhd Managing Director Thinaharan Muthusamy.

“It’s a delicate balance when it comes to selection. It has to connect and conform to your body for better and more luxurious sleep.” different people have different needs but it is a common belief that a hard mattress is the one to go for as it is good for our backs.

“Our own diagnostic research shows that your mattress should neither be too soft nor too hard but somewhere in between.

“Within a month of buying a new mattress, if it is not the right one for you, you will experience back pains. Sometimes, when you have slept on a mattress for a long time, it will take about a week to get your posture adjusted when you buy a new one.” Sime Darby Medical Centre Orthopaedic surgeon and spine specialist Dr. Siow Yew Siong also affirms that low back pain can be prevented with a good mattress.”

During a talk on sleep-related back pain and care at the recent launch of the Dunlopillo TalaSilver Latex collection, he says: “If you have back pain, you are not alone. Eighty per cent of the population have back pain. It is the second most common problem after headaches. As we age, the bone strength and muscle elasticity and its tone tend to decrease. Back pain can either be acute or chronic.

“Acute back pain usually lasts for about two to three weeks while chronic back pain lasts for more than three months. Some of the symptoms of poor sleep posture are muscle aches and shooting pains through your back and limbs.” To maintain the curvature of the spine at all times, sleeping on a good mattress is indeed beneficial, Dr Siow affirms.

A mattress that keeps your spine alignment in good shape is a point to consider. If it’s too soft, your body tends to sink into it and if it’s too hard, different parts of the spine tend to straighten up.

“Sleep is an under-rated necessity. Having enough sleep is sometimes not enough. Getting quality sleep is the most important factor.

“The curves of our bodies and the arch of our bone structures are unique to us and if we continue to sleep on the wrong type of mattress — either too hard or too soft — it will eventually re-configure the formation of our bones after some time. This in turn will give us great discomfort in the form of body aches, back pains and spinal disorders.” Researchers have found that there is too much variability between people to come to any firm conclusions about what’s the best mattress although most studies prove that a proper mattress relieves back pain and improves sleep. But remember your mattress should provide support for the curve and alignment of your body. A medium-firm mattress provides more back pain relief than firm or hard.

As a general rule, people tend to be most comfortable on a firm mattress, but there is a lot of variation.

What about the so-called orthopaedic mattresses and those with memory foam? There is also a lot of buzz on space-age mattresses, Hollywood celebs being partly responsible for the hype. But latex seems to be the latest pitch.

Thinaharan says: “No matter what additional features are added to a mattress, at the end of the day, it all boils down to latex.

“It is all about the composition of the latex in the mattress. Not many use luxury latex blocks and most substitute it with foam.

“Latex is a natural material, whereas foam is derived from petrochemicals and tends to lose its form quickly. Latex retains its form for many years. Of course, this also determines the price in the end.

“There are all kinds of fabric and material available these days. There is even the mattress that regulates temperature,” says Thinaharan.

“We shed skin overnight which forms a layer on the mattress. If you ignore it, it becomes fungal. When a mattress comes with a silver property, it disables bacteria to penetrate deeper. “At Dunlopillo, we take sleep seriously. We came up with world’s first patented design called Talalay Latex mattress in the 60s, which was scientifically proven to kill bacteria, because latex foam has exceptionally high anti-bacterial properties and is hygienically ideal for mattresses. It is superior to all other materials.” The TalaSilver (nano silver) latex helps to eliminate bacteria.

For centuries, silver has been used as a cleansing and anti-bacterial agent. And the additional layer of support on top allows people to sit on the edge of the mattress without falling off.

“We have successfully combined space-age technology in sleep care infused with a touch of sheer luxury to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.” For Thinaharan, there’s no major difference in the new mattresses of today. It’s all about the feel and individual preference. “Our range sits in the mid to high range category and, as such, appeals to those looking for added features and comfort.

“We want to make sure that whatever we have in the market is value for money. People look for quality mattresses because good sleep is important and they don’t mind paying a premium for a mattress. After all, that’s the best kind of rest one can get. “

Our next step is pillows. We are looking at TalaSilver material for the pillows and bolsters. They will have a comfort layer to make sleeping a dream. Discerning customers want a good mattress and are willing to pay for a good one. All the mattresses under this new collection are beautifully designed with the flower motifs.” For those shopping for mattresses, go for the feel. You must be comfortable sleeping on the mattress.

It’s all about the comfort, fabric and support. In terms of looks, design is something that is personal. It has to look nice and appealing aesthetically too. Well, it is the holidays and it sure is the best time to get some good rest!

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