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Lifestyle Changes to a Younger You

If you want to defy aging, you must take extra steps to boost your energy levels and rejuvenate with these anti-aging lifestyle tips. These two things can be accomplished with natural anti-aging treatments of exercise and diet. We all know that exercise brings about good health, maintains youthfulness in mind and body; speeds up our body’s metabolism and can make us live longer. No other regimen such as diet pills, expensive and complicated exercise equipment and gadget can compare to the benefits of exercise.

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Exercise improves vitality and gives us more energy to get our body going. This is because it speeds up metabolism by burning more fat and utilizing more carbohydrates and proteins to be utilized by our cells. Energy is needed by our cells to perform its basic processes such as transport of ions and nutrients and to grow and replenish.

We often think that if we get older, our bodies cannot handle exercise well than we were younger. We are wrong in thinking that. Actually, we badly need exercise as we get older.

A lot of us think that our metabolism slows down as we age. We are probably right in that regard. This is why we need to exercise all the more when we are aging. Perhaps one of the reasons why older people move slowly when they get old is that they have been somehow accustomed to being sedentary for long periods of time. In this process, the voluntary muscles in the body fail to be accustomed to physical stresses and they become flaccid and inefficient in contraction.

It is not only the voluntary muscles that are affected. All other processes such as the digestive system, the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system are also affected. Digestion slows down and this leads to the accumulation of toxic deposits in the intestines. This creates further havoc and degeneration on cells and tissues. Fat deposits also accumulate on the blood vessels and this leads to medical illnesses.

Along with exercise, you have to maintain an active mind. There is a actually a connection between physical and mental energy. If one thinks of being sedentary and lethargic, he may actually end up being so and so his physical functioning is affected.

Aging may also have effects on injury healing. Wounds of older people tend to heal at a slower rate compared to the wounds of younger persons. This may be a result of aging in general but this may be the result of a sedentary lifestyle, which predisposes one to have a slower metabolism. Exercise may help in speeding up metabolism, making us recovery from injury and illness faster.

Some people even think that too much exercising can cause death. This is not always the case. Those who die while exercising always have concomitant illnesses such as heart disease, lung disease and other metabolic illnesses. The findings are not very conclusive in these deaths and they are not common. However, it is essential that you seek the advice of a physician first before you embark on any physical activity which is more than ordinary. Your physician will run some tests to detect whether you have diseases and he or she will be the one to give medical advice regarding them.

In these exercises, you cannot totally avoid strength training. It is wonderful to note that strength training and weight training can help you achieve the physical makeup that you want? Why? This is because strength training exercises muscle contraction and make us develop more muscles for us to do more work.

In the end you will see that your energy levels will change once you are exercising. You will be experiencing a change of strength. You will develop more strength to do more work than ever before. However, in strength and resistance training, it is important that you let yourself be accustomed first to exercise before you even try it. For example, middle aged people should start walking everyday and increase the distance that they walk everyday so that they would develop endurance over exercise.

Strength training actually does not require you to go to the gym or buy high-tech equipment just to exercise. Strength training could be walking, climbing stairs, running, jogging, playing sports or any other vigorous physical activity. With these activities, endurance is obtained along with muscle strength and development.

One should bear in mind that the simplest, less expensive and beneficial form of anti-aging treatments is exercise. We often take this fact for granted. Sometimes we are just lazy to exert effort and try to exercise. But remember that what we do now is what we become after many years. Indeed our own health lies in our own hands. So, start today and live a youthful lifestyle with these common sense anti-aging treatments.

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