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How to Keep Your Vision as You Age

Take Multivitamins: You should take even only once a day supplement of minerals because they help prevent cataracts from forming and reduces its chances to 27 percent. The experts of Harvard University made this research with approximately 18 thousand male patients. They made the research on people for a period of ten years. Also another study at University of Melbourne in Australia showed that the long-term use of such vitamin supplements slow down the growth of cataracts in men.

Take Vitamin C: Vitamin C and vitamin E supplements are also very important for the restriction of development of cataracts

How To Cut Calories To Stop Aging

Here is some advice on how to restrict calories to prolong life, according to UCLA researcher Roy Walford, as noted in his book The J 20-Year Diet.

Cut back calories gradually, so you lose bodily weight very slowly. Avoid extremely low calorie crash diets. In animals, rapid caloric restriction did not prolong life. In fact, crash diets and prolonged fasting may shorten life. Envision a calorie-reduced diet that slowly takes off pound* over four to six years. As a start, an average-size man might try eating 2,000 calories per day, and a woman 1,800 calories per day of nutrient-demo foods.

How Moderate Drinking May Postpone Aging

Reduces Heart Attacks: Typically, people who drink no more than two drinks a day have a 30 percent lower risk of heart disease than nondrinkers. In the recent British physician study, heart attacks and strokes sank 40 percent among moderate drinkers compared with non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

Probable reasons: Alcoholic beverages discourage the formation of blood clots, boost good-type HDL cholesterol and help prevent dreaded oxidation of LDL cholesterol that eventually rots and clogs arteries.

If every American stopped drinking entirely, there would be eighty-one thousand more heart disease deaths a year, predicted Harvard cardiologist Dr. Paul Ridker.

It would be easy if you could just take one anti-aging pill and be done with it. But there’s no such thing. No single vitamin, mineral, herb, food or other substance known to science has everything you need to ward off aging. The more they investigate, the more scientists understand that nature works with a subtle synergy in which elements support and potentate each other to achieve the most powerful impact on cell functioning.

The Lone Rage attack, the single silver-bullet cure that we expect from pharmaceutical drugs, is not the best in complex matters of fighting aging and prolonging life.

You Can’t Stay Young Without Vitamin D

You need vitamin D to absorb calcium. Yet older Ameri­cans suffer “a silent epidemic of vitamin D deficiency,” says Michael F. Holick, M.D., an endocrinologist at Boston University Medical Center. He says up to 40 percent of elderly people who break their hips lack vitamin D— mainly because aging skin is less able to make vitamin D from sunlight and aging kidneys are less able to convert the vitamin to the active type.

Thus, without enough active vitamin D, bones grow weaker. A lack of vitamin D also makes women more vulnerable to breast cancer and men to prostate and colon cancer.

How Ginkgo Can Fight Aging

Improves Brain Functions: With age, the body’s ability get enough oxygenated blood through rigid narrowed capillaries of the brain often falters, contributing to a condi­tion called cerebral insufficiency—a medical nicety for the dawning of senility. The signs are well-known: diminished concentration and short-term memory, increased absent-mindedness, confusion, lack of energy, tiredness, depres­sion, anxiety, dizziness, depression and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Unquestionably, ginkgo can ameliorate the symptoms of cerebral insufficiency, according to sterling research, including an analysis of forty controlled studies.

How Glutathione Can Fight Aging

Rejuvenates Immunity: When we grow older, a drop present in our cell called glutathione, give rise to activity of free radicals to cause the damage to the function of immune. But if you take glutathione in a good quantity, these reserves can be restricted. Dr. Simin Meydani added the glutathione in the white blood cells of older people; their immune activity was raised almost equal to that of young people.

How Magnesium Can Fight Aging

According to the results derived at the research made at Human Nutrition at Franc’s National Institute of Agricultural Research, the main cause of aging is not the free radicals but it is actually caused by the reduction of magnesium. If there is a deficiency of magnesium along with free radicals in animals, it will cause more damage. They may suffer from weak cell membranes and consequently restrict the movement of calcium in these membranes.

How Vitamin E Can Fight Aging

Blocks Artery Clogging: Vitamin E fights our aging fear arteriosclerosis, the gradual clogging and hardening of arteries that begins in youth, worsens in middle age and kills about half a million Americans a year, primarily in old age. New thinking: Atherosclerosis occurs in large part because bad-type LDL blood cholesterol is chemically altered-oxidized or turned rancid and toxic-by free radical attacks.

Ginkgo’s Anti Aging Secrets

The magazines of science suggests that the best anti aging brand available in the market is ginkgo because of its versatility of a number of functions specially its quality which increases circulation of blood. But old people who have weak and old inflexible veins should not take it. The main function of ginkgo is to let the blood pass from small vessels and narrow vessels that let the tissues of the brain.

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