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Keep Your Skin Young as You Grow Older

Your skin is one of the few tissues that replenish itself, constantly shedding dead cells and producing new ones. It is this constant resurfacing that provides skin with a new texture and fresh look. And, it is a slowing down of this process that causes it to lose its elasticity and color and look old. It starts to slow down almost from the moment we are born. The skin of a new born baby is much admired and often used as a yardstick when comparing skin. This, of course, is the newest, softest and purest we know; and as we grow older, so does the skin. It coarsens and develops until we have our individual skin character a type that may be oily, blemished, dry, sensitive, balanced, or a combination; a texture that may be coarse, medium or fine; a coloring that is pale, medium, or dark.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Anti-aging skincare has been a major source of concern in the lives of beautiful women throughout history, and we are lucky enough to live in an era when science brings help within the reach of all women. Researchers into the mechanism of the human body are constantly making new discoveries in the world of health and medicine, and often new beauty aids are a spinoff.

Take Care of Your Skin By Taking Care of Your Body

Much can be done to keep your skin young as you grow older. Keeping your body in top condition through exercise, diet, and beauty routines is incredibly important. This guide aims to tell you about body skin on your body, where it’s most vulnerable, when it may need expert help, how to look after it day by day.

For anti-aging skin care, good diet, exercise, sleep, fresh air, and plenty of water are necessary if your skin is to look its best. On the other hand, it will react badly to emotional stress and tension and it will suffer from sun and wind if not protected. Deodorant antiperspirants should be used sparingly or your sweat glands will cease to function properly; also, avoid excessive washing and beware of unlicensed aestheticians in fields like massage and hair removal.

Set a Regular Skincare Routine

Your skin will look better if a regular routine is followed, and the earlier it is started, the longer your skin will keep its elasticity and youth. Teenagers need to learn that regular cleansing and moisturizing is as important as cleaning their teeth.  The sooner they learn about their skin type and its potential problems, the fewer will suffer from unpleasant side effects or disease as they grow older.

Whatever your age, once you’ve discovered your skin type and chosen the products you are going to use, you must work out a routine that you know can become a lifetime habit. Just like a diet, it’s no good attempting something that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

Three Basic Steps of Skincare

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three basic steps to remember. All skin needs cleansing to get rid of surface dirt and stale makeup, and to loosen clogged pores. You may be a soap and water addict, and there is nothing better than this, provided the soap is mild, designed for your skin type and thoroughly rinsed off afterwards.

All skins need a freshener for proper skin care. After cleansing, a certain amount of debris and oil will inevitably remain and must be removed. Fresheners, toners, and astringents are all of the same family, containing more or less alcohol. They are alcohol free for dry and sensitive skins; contain a small amount for combination or balanced skins, and more for oily skins, with the addition of antiseptic ingredients for blemished skins. They all aim to stimulate circulation and restore the acid mantle which may have become unbalanced in the cleansing process.

All skins need moisturizing. Natural moisture evaporates and needs containing in even the oiliest skin. Moisturizers form a film over the skin’s surface, holding in the natural moisture and providing a smooth base for makeup or a protective barrier between the skin and the environment. There are lightweight, medium and heavier types of moisturizers.  The richer ones become more necessary as the skin grows older, or if they are going to be used without the added protection of foundation.

Myths of the Anti-Aging Cosmetic Market

The anti-aging cosmetic product market is one that is surrounded with a lot of skepticism and myths. People want to look younger, it’s a matter of fact, and companies are capitalizing on the industry with marketing and advertising in magazines, TV, Radio, and on the Internet. We all so strongly want to believe that these products can erase years from our faces that the market does nearly $8 billion per year and is still growing. There are three types of anti-aging cosmetic products that are most common, moisturizers, sunblocks, and anti-wrinkle creams.

Sunblock Myths

This is the one anti-aging cosmetic product that is and has been greatly underused and continues to be despite the public’s awareness of skin disorders and cancer. The majority of women, and some men, will wear sunblock when they’re at the beach, or the pool. With today’s global warming environment, that just isn’t enough. Sunblock should be used every day to prevent skin damage from harmful UV sun rays. It’s recommended that at least an SPF 15 rated sunblock be used, however, an SPF 45 will keep most skin types totally protected.

Moisturizer Myths

A lot of us already know that moisture loss can occur when we’re in the sun for prolonged periods of time. What people don’t know is that spending time in air conditioned spaces such as malls, classrooms, and offices also dries your skin as artificially cooled air can suck the moisture out of a room. So, it’s understandable why you should use a moisturizer no matter where you spend your days. Generally, you should try the same moisturizing anti-aging cosmetic product for at least four weeks to gage the results. It’s important not to jump from product to product as it will cause skin irritations.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Myths

Without a doubt anti-wrinkle cream is the most popular anti-aging cosmetic product. There are more of these popping up everyday. Some promise the world, and some of them deliver on their marketing promises. Look for those that contain antioxidants for best results. These will help reverse the damage the sun has caused to your skin. Also, creams containing vitamins C and E, as well as Retinol are very effective. Don’t expect immediate results even if an advertisement or a sales person promises them. You need to keep up a consistent application for 4-6 weeks to see any change. A lot of people end up disappointed because they had unrealistic expectations for the product.

In today’s anti-aging cosmetic product market, companies are blending advanced technology with time tested plant extracts for new discoveries. Today’s science is blending the natural world with technology for best results.

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