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Hydroxicut Hardcore Advanced Slimming Capsule for Men and Women

STOP EXPECTING MIRACLE PILLS   February 4, 2010, Rgorick (Tucson, AZ USA):

Never felt the urge to post a review on any products I purchase, until I came across the reviews of my beloved Hydroxycut.

Before I get started let me give you a description of myself:

I am a 22 year-old male, 5’6″, and currently weighing in at 156 lbs with 16.3% body fat.

I have been conducting my own experiment using Hydroxycut. I only use Hydroxycut Hardcore during my deployments (military), weaning myself off just before coming back to the states. During my months stateside, I work out regularly using the same supplements I use deployed MINUS Hydroxycut Hardcore. Granted this was before Hydroxycut Hardcore X, which I will explain later.

Using a rather expensive scale (measures BMI, % body fat, % water, etc.) it has been clear that using the same workout schedule (with minor changes to prevent plateaus) and a calorie-shifting diet pattern, the Hydroxycut Hardcore (recalled formula) made a considerable difference in fat-burning.

I am currently deployed and am now using the new formula. 6 days ago marks 2 months, so I do not have the complete results. However, thus far it can be confirmed that this new formula has the same effect as the previous, with a two minor differences:

  • Doesn’t produce as much of a caffeine “high”
  • Less “Sedentary Sweating”

With my method of periodic use of Hydroxycut, it nullifies the point some make stating “well when one uses the product consistently, their body gets used to it, thus making its effects less… effective”.

Thus far I can conclude that the Hydroxycut Hardcore X produces the same results as the previous formula with exception of the two effects previously mentioned. It works as advertised.

But remember this! EVERYONE’S BODY IS DIFFERENT! Don’t take my word for it; find out if it works for you too! Gather as much information as you can, but be a skeptic. Read books; check the forums and, most of all, ask questions! Believe nothing you hear, 5% of what you read, and only 50% of what you see. Most of learning will involve trying things for yourself and see what works for you so don’t trust anything you hear or read unless there is published, peer-reviewed, university research which backs up the claims. Remember that not too long ago proper nutrition was “three square meals a day” with lots of red meat, cheese, and dairy. Especially be skeptical of any claims in muscle magazines because many exist just to sell supplements.

My apologies for dragging on. I just hate it when I see people complain about a Dietary supplement not being effective because “it doesn’t motivate me to go to the gym”. IT’S NOT DESIGNED FOR THAT. It AIDS in fat-loss. It doesn’t do all the work for you. Motivation should come from within, not from a miracle pill.

All in all despite the minor differences, this formula is just as effective as the previous, and I will continue my evaluation for the duration of this deployment and will post the end results.

Very pleased   December 8, 2009, B. Ferguson:

Very pleased with new version as much as old. Great product for if you are just wanting to maintain weight or shed several pounds. I have used it for both. I’m not cut or ripped so I have first-hand experience with its true results. If u are someone who is happy where they are at but don’t want to pack on any more pounds, you can take it as a great energy boost and generally feel better through the day. But if you want to lose weight, add diet and exercise. And I mean actually diet by cutting back on the calories and exercise at least 30min a day. Walking has been enough for me. The pills will give you the extra energy and helps curve your appetite. But as I said, it is a supplement, not a miracle pill, you will have to add diet and exercise to lose weight.  Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. It is very potent.

Works wonders   November 22, 2009 J. M. Smith:

Worked really well for me, I found a steady pace of taking 2 each time and not 3, to make it last longer and also to prevent some of the shakes and jitters but i still ended up losing 15lbs in 4 weeks with a lot of exercise and weight lifting. I would have lost a lot more if I had not been powerlifting to build up muscle.

AMAZING PRODUCT!   February 3, 2010 Michael Fabela: 

So my New Year’s resolution was to lose weight and get back in shape again and I started on my journey at the beginning of the year (Jan 2 or so). I bought Hydroxycut Hardcore X and started going to the gym again and running every other day as well as being on a strict diet which cut out most fats, fried foods, fast foods, and sugared soda, as well as taking Hydroxycut Hardcore X and in 2 weeks I been noticing a HUGE change in my body structure. ALL my tight clothes fit again, I lost 12 pounds already, my stomach is now flat and I feel great! I am not saying that Hydroxycut is responsible for it all, but it definitely helped speed up my metabolism. I am buying my second bottle for sure! This product does work, BUT you can’t just sit on your […] and do nothing, cut the crap outta your diet go to the gym 3 times a week and SWEAT on the treadmill or elliptical or whatever you prefer, I GUARANTEE you will see AMAZING results in under a month.

Excellent Product   October 4, 2009 Luz M. Martinez (Miami, Florida USA):

Have been using this product for over a month and all i can say is that it Works!! Before using it I barely sweat while running, but now it is totally different. I would recommend to anyone who really wants to lose some weights as I do.

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