How to Get More Testosterone

In order to get more testosterone production in the body naturally, you need to first know the causes of low levels and then begin with the treatment which includes diet, exercises or supplements. Follow these tips to make your make your body produce more T hormone.

Testosterone is that male hormone which is linked with a men’s strength, size of the muscles, performance in bed, hair growth, voice etc. The higher the testosterone, the better the body and health of an individual. But many a times because of some reasons the quantity of this hormones drops in the body and this affects a man both physically and mentally. Learn how to get more testosterone with these simple tips.

If the testosterone levels are going down then you need to immediately start working to boosts its quantity because low lower the testosterone, obese the body will become. Also, it will have an effect on your mental health, sexual performance and it can also lead to infertility. So it is better you immediately follow this simple and safe plan which will make the body produce more testosterone. This plan starts with the foods which you should eat and what you should quit. Eating the right testosterone producing foods can raise a few levels of this hormone in the body. Before learning how to get a lot of testosterone, first learn what things puts it levels down.

Common causes of low testosterone

  • It may happen that the body is facing the deficiency of vitamins and minerals which are required for producing testosterone
  • No exercise can make the levels go down.
  • Eating high fat and sugar rich food makes you obese and a research has shown that such people normally face testosterone deficiency.
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • No sleep
  • High caffeine intake
  • When the stress levels go up, testosterone falls down
  • A health problem in which body is unable to generate more testosterone. This health issue is medically termed as hypogonadism.

Foods to eat

Eating the right food is initial and very important step to boost this male hormone. Minerals like zinc, magnesium and vitamins like vitamin B, K, D, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins can help body produce more testosterone. Include eggs, fish and meat in your diet because these are the foods which contain proteins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and almost all the required nutrients. If you are a vegetarian then you can eat vegetables like broccoli and cabbage as these are considered to be testosterone boosting foods. Apart from this, eat few nuts and seeds everyday because they contain many essential vitamins, minerals and good fats. Almond, walnut, sunflower and sesame seeds are all good items to eat.

A very important tip which many of them have missed is to cook food in extra virgin olive oil because these oils have antioxidants has less damage to the body compared to other cholesterol rich oils.

Now it’s time for a little exercise

Both aerobic and weight lifting exercise have a great impact on the body to boost testosterone. Make a plan in which you perform an aerobic exercise like running, cycling or swimming on one day and the next day lift weight. Follow this alternate exercise plan for four or five days a week and take rest on the remaining two days. If the body is feeling tired then you can rest on some extra days. Studies have shown that weight lifting exercises like bench presses, squats, seated rows and shoulder presses provide better results.

In aerobic exercise whether you are cycling, swimming  or jogging, in every 5 minutes sprint for 10 seconds and then continue with normal speed. Never overdo any exercise, 20 minutes a day can be good in the beginning. In weight lifting exercise it is important that you take a weight which you can repeat 5-6 times. Do at least 3-4 sets with 6 repetitions and this will help your body get more testosterone.

In the beginning it will be hard, but after two weeks or a month everything will become normal. If you want high quantity of this male hormone then push your body beyond your daily physical limits. Just remember that with exercise the body will feel tired and hence rest is also very important.

Choose a natural supplement

Well, I am not speaking of any steroid or supplements that have side-effects, but I want to mention those supplements which are made using only organic extracts. Taking a supplement is not a bad thing because even a doctor prescribes supplements when you face any vitamin or mineral deficiency. The problem occurs when an individual relies on this supplement and avoids workouts. Testo Fuel and Prime Male are the two supplements which thousands of men are using for the sake of getting testosterone. Since they are natural many of them are taking it for years and no side-effect has been reported yet.

What does this supplement do?

These supplements contain all the different vitamins, minerals and herbs which are medically proved to raise testosterone. Some of the rare herbs are also included in these supplements which the body cannot get from normal diet. These pills just provide the body with the nutrients which it is finding hard to get from the everyday food that you eat.

Advantages that these supplements provide

  • Apart from giving body a lot of testosterone these are some of the other advantages you can get with these supplements.
  • Taking these supplements with exercise plan given you can reduce the fat levels in the body and get lean muscles.
  • Also with the exercise these supplements can give you a good size and good shaped muscles.
  • Higher the libido levels for the betterment of sexual performance.
  • These supplements are not restricted to work on physical level, but it will even help you mentally stay calm and concentrated.

How are these supplements made?

Both Testo Fuel and Prime Male have their own unique formula which combines a variety of testosterone boosting nutrients. This formula is created by mixing natural extracts, vitamins and minerals in proper quantity.

These are some of the ingredients which both these supplements use:

Fenugreek: A man body also has estrogen hormone which is the female hormone. If the estrogen levels go up then testosterone will come down and here fenugreek comes to the rescue. According to a study, fenugreek lowers the estrogen hormone in a man and within a month will get you 25% more testosterone hormones.

D-Aspartic Acid: This ingredient is proved to raise male hormone. In one study, men were given 2.5 grams of D-Aspartic acid for 90 days and an increase in 50% testosterone was noted. This is an amino acid form and also helps in making muscle big and strong.

Ginseng: This herb is found in the coldest regions of China and Russia. In a study in Korea, men were given ginseng for 3 months and the results were great. These men now had better erection and high testosterone.

Oysters: This sea food is highly rich in zinc which is very important mineral in for generating this hormone. The content of zinc in oysters is even higher than the beef meat and hence oyster extracts are also added to the supplements.

Nettle roots: This ingredient is only present in Prime Male and works good making the body produce more testosterone.

Other vitamins and minerals: Apart from these extracts these supplements only contains minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium, vitamin D3, K2 and B6 which are having the capability to boost testosterone.

Get more testosterone now

These safe supplements can be easily ordered from their official websites mentioned below. Just keep in mind that what nourishment your body requires is contained by these supplements and as you know they only have natural ingredients in them so there is no need to worry about the side effects to the body. They are the most popular brands and the men all around the globe who are facing the deficiency are using it to make their life happier.

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