How to Avoid Diet Pills Scam

Diet pills are great, efficient adjuvants that can help you stick to your diet and pursue your exercise plan. There are numerous sources you can use for buying your pills, but you must be equally careful when you chose the weight loss product to use and when you choose the source where the pills come from.

The internet is one of the most popular shopping places for diet pills, but not all online sellers are created equal and there are many scams you can easily fall for if you are not cautious enough. In what follows, we would like to present the most frequently encountered scams and tips about how to avoid them to be able to get the help you need for the price you want to pay, without falling prey to scams.

Many online sellers offer a free, one-month trial for the weight loss pill advertised. According to their offer, all you need to do is order the free trial and then pay some small some sum, usually between $5 and $10, for the transport and the handling. The offer is usually so attractive, the sales pitch so well formulated, that many customers ignore the small print at the bottom of the page (text usually displayed in a color almost invisible) that obliges them to pay a $79-$99 fee for a certain period after receiving the product or, in the worst cases, forever.

The best solution is to avoid the scam by reading the page of the seller from top to bottom, paying special attention to the terms and conditions section. If you have already fallen for the scam, try to cancel your order – reputable companies will allow you to do so. However, if the seller does not want to let you get out of the deal, saying you have signed a contract, cancel your credit card or talk to your bank.

Faked Testimonials & Before / After Photos

This is another very frequently encountered scam. The website advertising the weight loss product offers testimonials, the results described being made all the more impressive by adding before and after photos. Don’t believe everything you are told. There is a number of before and after photo sets used for advertising several different products – if you find pictures of a woman who lost weight with a certain product and then you find the same picture advertising another slimming pill, the site using the images is probably a scam, so the best thing you can do is to find a reputable online merchant and order your pills from there.

No Contact Details on Merchant Site

If the website you are looking at offers no contact details, it is most probably a fraudulent site, and the same goes for any merchant website, not only the ones that offer diet pills. The lack of a contact email or an address deprives you of the right to file a complaint or to return the products you don’t want. The best way to avoid such scams is to avoid doing business with them – the pill you want is probably sold by reputable websites, too.

Fake Review Websites

Genuine review sites always contain some kind of reference to the writer of the review published – if the site you are considering fails to be transparent, it most probably contains fake reviews.

Another way to decide whether the review site is a fake is by examining its general structure. If the site reviews only one product or the products of only one company, the reviews are likely to be fakes, but if it reviews all kinds of different products – in our case, products related to weight loss – you can probably trust the website.

Even though there are many scam websites that sell weight loss products, there are also numerous reputable online sellers you can trust. Make sure you are cautious and vigilant enough to check each and every detail of the site and you can be sure you will get the product you want for exactly the price it is advertised for.

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