How Do You Know if You Have Low Testosterone Levels in Your Body?

Testosterone is a hormone mainly produced in men even though in women, the hormone is produced at a lower quantity. This hormone is responsible for the development of masculine characteristics in men. It is produced in the testes, the male reproductive glands. This hormone is not only necessary for maintaining a healthy sex life in adults but it is also required for the overall health of men. Hence, slight changes in the testosterone hormone levels can create a lot of health related and sex related issues in men. It is thus necessary to check the testosterone hormone levels regularly.

Signs of low testosterone

How do you know if you have low testosterone and the answer to it is that several symptoms and signs indicate toward the same. The best and simplest way to confirm low testosterone levels is to take a simple blood test. If the reading is below 300 ng/dL, then the hormone levels are low. These tests need to be done in the morning.

The symptoms of low testosterone are:

Low sex drive: How do you know if you have low testosterone levels is that when men’s sex drive considerably gets low, it is an indication that the hormone levels are low. It is not just the sex drive but even the desire for sex gets lower with low testosterone levels.

• Erection problems: Normal testosterone levels are required to achieve erection. Though several factors can be the reason for erectile dysfunction, low testosterone too can be a cause. Hence it is better to diagnose and seek a solution.

• Low semen quantity: Good testosterone levels are required for the production of semen, the milky discharge that helps the motility of sperm.

• Hair fall: Though a majority of men experience balding as age advances, low testosterone levels can bring an early onset of balding and can even cause loss of facial hair.

• Exhaustion: If you feel tired all the time despite eating healthy and getting enough rest, then you should know that you have low testosterone levels.

• Decrease in muscle mass: As testosterone is a major factor for enhanced masculine characteristics in men, muscle building too can be affected if you have low testosterone levels. If you experience loss in muscle mass, then you may be suffering from hormonal depletion. Those who have this symptom may not be able to build muscles back even with rigorous exercise regimen.

• Body fat increase: As testosterone levels become lower, body fat in men increases and can even give rise to a condition called, gynecomastia, where fats accumulate in breasts making them look enlarged.

• Bone weakness: Though osteoporosis or weakening of bones is mainly observed in women, men with low testosterone can also experience the condition of brittle bones.

• Onset of depression: Testosterone is not just about development of male characteristics, it is also important for physical and mental health of a person. Thus, as a woman experiences mood changes because of hormonal changes, a man can also have mood changes, lack of concentration, irritation, and even depression when his testosterone levels are lower than the normal.

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