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Healthy Diet Plans for Weight Loss

There is a significant difference between weight loss and a healthy weight loss. An ordinary weight loss program includes random attempts to drop extra calories whereas a healthy weight loss plan is established by an apt diet plan relevant to body’s nutritional requirements and workout with consistent variations. Moreover, the lack of convenience may ruin all your efforts if you do not switch to sensible ways of shedding weight because healthy and everlasting weight loss always results after wise efforts along with patience.

Diet plays a crucial role in the process of maintaining the body weight because what we consume has the direct impact on our body and it is almost impossible to reduce weight without a healthy diet plan for weight loss. A healthy weight loss diet is comprises of foods that are rich in fiber, proteins, micro-nutrients and some healthy MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids). If you want to cut excess calories to attain a lean body efficiently, you must replace salty potato chips, high-calorie chocolate bars and sugary beverages with nutritious and low-calorie snacks.
List of recipes for healthy weight loss snacks is given below:

1. A treat of raspberry with yogurt
Drop a handful of raspberries in a cup of yogurt to make a healthy smoothie with least calories. Do not forget to mix a tablespoon of honey in this nutritious smoothie to add a flavour. This classic treat is a great substitute of ice creams.

2. Combination of grapes and walnuts
Walnut is one of the healthiest nuts, so adding a handful of walnuts with cup of grapes is definitely a deal of benefit. The crisp of walnuts makes a healthy pair with the soft grapes and your stomach gets full after consuming this nutritious combo.

3. Apple slices with a dash of cheese
An unpeeled apple is rich in fibers and when you cut it into thin slices and sprinkle some grated cheese over those slices, you get a healthy snack which would keep your stomach full for long hours and prevent temptation for sugary edibles.

4. Topping of blueberry on oatmeal
Oatmeal is the best snack to keep the stomach full between meals and is the most preferred breakfast choice of people on a diet plan to lose weight. Give a topping of blueberries to your oatmeal to add a fruity essence in it.

5. Cottage cheese dip
Have some wheat thins with a dip into cottage cheese when you crave for some filling snacks. Cottage cheese being a great source of protein perfectly pairs with wheat thins and you can have it in your evening snack time.

6. Pieces of banana with peanut butter
Cut a banana in some pieces and mix those pieces with some peanut butter to add flavor. Banana is a rich source of iron so you can have this low-calorie snack after having breakfast.

7. Boiled chickpeas with little spices
Chickpeas and kidney beans are highly rich in protein and having these foods in breakfast can keep you fresh and energized all day long. Soak chickpeas in water for a night and then boil them in the next morning. Spread small pieces of onion and tomato with a sprinkle of spices over it. Enjoy a delicious protein-rich meal.

8. Pear slices with almond butter
Just like apples, an unpeeled pear also contains fibers in it. Have thin slices of pear slightly dipped in almond butter because nut butters enhance the nutrition value after getting added in fiber-rich edibles. Adding nut butters in fruits is an effective idea to consume fibers through fruits because on a general basis, some people do not eat pear and apple without peeling them off.

9. Sweet potato with nut sprinkle
Sweet potato comes under the family of healthy carbs and prevents the process of conversion of sugar into fats especially near waistline. Boil a sweet potato and mash it properly to avoid heavy lumps. Now add small pieces of nuts in this mashed sweet potato and enjoy a healthy low-calorie dessert.

10. Roasted carrots
Some vegetables become healthier after getting roasted and so is with carrots. Carrot being rich in fibers, becomes more nutritious when you roast them in a required temperature and add spices after roasting.

11. Avocado and pineapple mash up
Cut an avocado to one-half and mash it to make a paste and mash the pieces of pineapple similarly. Now mix these pastes and add a teaspoon of hot-pepper sauce and a small amount of salt. Enjoy this delicious spread over brown bread.

12. Crispy kale chips
First of all, set a temperature of 325 degree Fahrenheit on oven for preheating. Cut pieces of kale and remove ribs from those pieces. Now apply olive oil and salt on kale pieces and keep them in oven for 15 minutes. Enjoy lightly salted crispy kale chips baked in olive oil.

These easy snack recipes will make your weight loss diet plan even more interesting.

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