A Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Plan

Though some people are genetically predisposed to diabetes, most others get it because of a poor lifestyle. This is mostly centered on lack of proper exercise, a poor diet, and obesity. However, this damage that might have occurred after several years of unhealthy living can be reversed with the right type 2 diabetes diet. If this diet is taken religiously you can control the consequences of diabetes and even live longer. Type 2 diabetes can be easily managed with the proper diet and exercise. Because it is not always possible to know the right diet and exercise for you, it is advisable that you consult a doctor or a qualified dietician for advice. This is because individual cases require customized meal plans for the patient’s specific needs.

Your type 2 diabetes diet should cut down the intake of simple carbohydrates and sugar. Some of the foods that you should exclude from your type 2 diabetes diets include fried foods, candy, sodas and such other foods. These foods are harmful and a threat to your diabetic condition. Avoid eating all foods that are processed and those with high sugar levels because they are empty in calories. You need to concentrate more on food that is rich in nutrients and others that will give your body health benefits. Foods that are a good type 2 diabetes diet include nuts, protein from lean meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Such foods give your body a good mix of nutrients that your body requires. They also have complex carbohydrates which in turn come with the much required source of energy that your body requires all day long.

One aspect of type 2 diabetes diet is how often you eat during the day. It is recommended that you eat 5 to 6 small meals in a day as opposed to eating 2 to 3 big meals in a day. Eating big meals come with big blood sugar spikes which is not good for your diabetic case. Smaller meals help to maintain a steady level of blood sugar in your body. A steady level is easier for the patient to control as opposed to the high spikes.

The other type 2 diabetes diet plan that you can consider for its valuable benefits is one that is high in its fiber content. A person suffering from type 2 diabetes should consider including more high fiber based foods. Such foods include legumes, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Such foods help control your blood sugar which will eventually fight away the long term complications that come with type 2 diabetes. The foods also slow the absorption of sugar in your body which is good for the control of those irritating blood sugar spikes. If you do not have diabetes, foods that contain insoluble fibers are known to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. They are also known to drastically reduce the mortality rate that could result from type 2 diabetes.

Another very effective type 2 diabetes diet is the one known as Mediterranean diet plan. This promotes the intake of vegetables, fruits, and fish. It discourages the consumption of sugar rich foods, processed foods, and red meat all which are not good for the type 2 diabetes condition. This diet is known to improve cardiac problems in people who are at a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. People who consume more of this diet are believed to have lesser risk of developing lethal ischemic heart problems.

If you are suffering from the type 2 diabetes, it will help you a great deal if you can adopt a low fat vegetarian diet. People who stick to this diet have a better control of fat and blood sugar in their bodies.

With your type 2 diabetes diet, it is recommended that you eat breakfast immediately after you wake up. This is meant to deal and avoid any low glucose levels that you could be experiencing. A type 2 diabetic patient can either take a cup of low fat milk with 3 quarter cup of cereal and include a sliced fruit for example or bran flakes, 5 strawberries and an apple or you can also take a glass of herbal tea with two slices of whole wheat bread. You can spread two teaspoons of peanut butter and also eat a banana.

For lunch your type 2 diabetes diet should include a mixture of carbohydrates, fats, and vegetable of your choice. This will help keep the glucose levels in your blood normal. For example, you can take a vegetable soup that consists of green beans, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and corn. It can also include high fiber crackers which consist of a piece of fruit of your choice, an ounce of low fat cheese, two ounces of turkey and a sandwich made up of 2 whole wheat breads. The other option that you can consider for lunch is a cup of steamed broccoli, a pita pocket that is filled with roast beef and mustard tomatoes, a piece of a fruit of ones choice and ¼ a cup of alfalfa sprouts.

For dinner, your type 2 diabetes diet should be light and focus more on healthy protein. It is a perfect idea to include lean meats, for example, fish and poultry in your meal. Apart from the type 2 diabetes diet, you can control the condition with a regular exercise routine. You can start off with short regular walks and then progress gradually. Once your health has improved and the condition is under control you can go for bike rides, aerobics, join a gym, practice yoga, and any other activities that you love and enjoy. Make sure that you add variety to your excising program.

A person suffering from type 2 diabetes diet should choose a healthy diet plan that suits their lifestyle and preferences to deal with this condition. If you choose the one that is right for you, you are sure of reaping the full benefits. It will control any weight loss as well as your blood sugar levels. For more information check out the CDC website about diabetes diet.

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