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Grey Hair is the In-Thing

It’s a big decision to stop getting your hair dyed go gray. But a lot of women are doing it. Silver is in! The question is; what do I do with my hair during that awkward growing-in-stage? Then, how do I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of those other women you’ve seen with gray hair.

First of all, deciding to go gray is a very bold decision. You’re stating that you are very confident and pleased with your looks. Going gray is trendy and even stylish if you do it the right way.

OK, How Do I Do It?

Do it Gradually Don’t give up your dye job until your roots are at least 50% gray so that your new gray hair looks symmetrical and natural as it is growing in. You don’t want to totally give up coloring your hair during this awkward stage. Colorists suggest that working in some highlights or lowlights will add dimension and blend in the roots.

Think about a new hairstyle. Having your hair cut above the collar will lessen the contrast between the gray hair and the highlighted hair. Having it cut in layers also helps camouflage the multiple colors. It also gives you a more youthful appearance. In order to avoid looking like grandma, make sure you have a contemporary hairstyle. Have your hairstylist suggest a layered cut above the shoulders that would softly frame your face.

Use products that are specifically for gray hair. When your hair turns gray the protective layer becomes thin which can leave your hair coarse. Colorists recommend the following to keep your hair looking healthy:

  • Use a shampoo that contains a moisturizer that will give you smooth, silky hair.
  • Wash your hair once a week with a shampoo made specifically for gray hair. It helps counteract yellowing that the sun and hard water can cause.
  • Use a clear gloss or glaze once a month for shine.
  • Use clear gels and mousses. Colored products will tarnish gray hair.
  • OK, now you have gray hair. How do I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of the other ladies that I’ve seen with gray hair?

Gray Hair Color Tips to Look Young and Vibrant


Choose a laminating, moisturizing foundation. Apply powder only where you really need it. Too much powder can settle in the creases and fine lines on your face making them look more obvious.


Wear blush! It makes your complexion more vibrant. Makeup artists suggest a light English rose for fair skin and a bright peony for medium or olive skin. Apply the blush onto the apples of your cheek, then feather out towards the hairline.


Use a lipliner. As we age the lips thin out and lose some of the natural rosiness. Restore the contour by tracing your lips with a nude lip liner before applying your gloss or lipstick.


Choose a rich lipstick. Colorists suggest juicy-looking colors in pink, berry, peach or apricot tones. The nudes and browns can look a little muddy and it may be better to stay away from them. The best color for you is a few shades more intense than your natural lip color.

Eye Makeup

Brighten up your eyes by applying a linen-colored eye shadow onto your lids as the color reflects light. Then use a cream eyeliner and smudge it slightly. Black liner and gray hair tends to be a stark contrast. You’ll be better off with the the softer grayish shades. If you have straight eyelashes, curl them and then apply two coats of mascara. Use a lash primer before the mascara if your eyelashes are sparse. It primes and coats the lash which makes them look thicker. Using black mascara can look a little harsh as we age. Try using brown or navy. Apply the mascara outward and up at the same time.


Pay attention to your eyebrows. Use a pencil to fill in the sparse areas. Colorists suggest a light to medium taupe shade for fair and light eyebrows. For olive or dark complexions, choose a deep, cool brown. For gray or salt and pepper brows, a bluish gray pencil works best.

Follow these tips for going gray and looking great whether you have gray highlights or a full head of pure white gray hair. Look healthy, young and vibrant!

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