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Some Great Uses of Avocados

There are many foods that people are not sure about because of the reputation they get.  Avocados have gotten a reputation for being high in fat.  While it is true that they have high fat content, it is monosaturated fats which can provide health benefits when eaten in moderation. Avocados are so good for your health they are essentially considered to be a perfect complete food.

Avocados are a fruit that grows in subtropical trees. They are rich in vitamins A, C and E and some b-complex vitamins. Potassium is another great quality of this fruit. For the most part, avocados have been used for skin problems because the pulp has antibacterial and antifungal properties. They have also been used as a staple for nachos and dip in guacamole.

Avocado has known to be used for sexual problems. In fact, the Aztecs’ name for the avocado was ahuacatl which means testicle. They would use it as sexual stimulant, and they really did believe that it had sexual nutrients—so much so that virgin women were not allowed to leave the house during harvest time!

Other uses include:

  • A paste can be made and applied to rough skin and rashes to soothe the skin
  • Use as an aid in recovery from illness as it is an excellent restorative food
  • The pulp can be applied to cuts and covered with gauze to prevent infection from entering the body and to encourage healing
  • Aids in digestive and circulatory problems
  • The flesh of the avocado can soothe sunburned skin
  • Use as a face mask by adding olive oil and leave on the face of the 15 minutes

So as you can see, besides the nutritional benefit of the avocado, it is also a great healer food as well.  Adding avocado to recipes is as easy as throwing it in your salad, making an avocado salsa filling for wraps, or substituting it for a mayonnaise spread.

You can also use avocado in many raw food desserts. I have used it as my chocolate icing on cake and it seriously tastes amazing! Just search for some raw food recipes and you will be amazed at what avocados can do.

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