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Get Rid Of Blackheads

Our skin is served with innumerable number of pores. When a number of these pores become blocked by either dead skin or sebum, they lead to the formation of blackheads. There are multiple misconceptions regarding black heads. Some of these may refer to statements like- black heads are a permanent condition, it is dirt that has accumulated on your pore, etc. None of this is true.

The black heads are perfectly treatable and are not a permanent issue. Neither is it dirt that accumulated on your pores. Dead skin and sebum which block the skin pores turn black when exposed to the atmosphere due to oxidation, thus the black color. The black head is the first step to the formation of acne. It is important that you understand your skin type and treat the issue likewise.

How to get rid of blackheads?

Skin experts will propose you with some of the best remedies that can help you gain riddance from black heads. Some of these remedies are home based, where as some use medications or special treatments. Other remedies simply guide you through the process of pulling them out from the pores. Some of the most trusted remedies that suit all skin types, include-Number

1: Home Remedies

There are a whole bunch of tried and tested home remedies that assure your riddance from black heads. But, not all these remedies are effective for each and every individual. In case that one remedy does not work for you, you can always move on to the next. The fact that these home remedies are natural, they pose negligible harm to your skin and also prevent your allowance from depleting at a super pace. Some of the natural home remedies that are more popular with individuals as well as the experts are-

Egg White Mask-The egg whites are used to tighten the loose or open pores. Tightening the pores removes the chances of accumulation of any dead skin or cell or sebum in these pores. Neither are any of these elements stored, nor do they oxidise when they come in contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere. This removes the chances of formation of blackheads. In case that you already have black heads the mask will help remove that as well. You can start by patting your face dry and removing any trait of moisture from it. Once that is done, you can now start applying layers of egg white over your skin. Always wait for the first layer to completely dry, before you apply the next. Repeat the process for 4 to 5 times.

Lemon Juice– The lemon juice works just like the egg white. It helps in tightening the pores, hence leaving no chance of accumulation of dead skin and sebum. Unlike the egg white mask, you do not need to apply the lemon juice to your whole face. Restrict its application to the affected area. The lemon juice can be quite harsh to dry and sensitive skin types. Hence it is advised by experts that if you fall under these two categories, first dilute the lemon juice with some water to receive the best effects. Apply the lemon juice to the black heads right before you go to sleep, in the morning wash it off, and moisturize the area.

Warmed Honey– Honey is one of the best home based natural remedies for acne related black heads. The honey comes with both anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, which pose the greatest threat to any kind of bacteria. The honey is quite sticky, which helps it stick to the black heads and remove them. Warm a bit of honey in a pan and apply it on the blackheads (make sure the honey is not very hot, or it will burn your face). Let the honey dry out, and then you can remove it with a damp cloth. Repeat the process twice weekly, for the best results.

Number 2:  Squeezing and pulling

In case that you are trying to save back on the doctor visits and the money you will spend on the over the counter medical products, squeezing and pulling may prove to be a good alternative. Though this may prove to be one of the most effective of alternatives, this also has its cons. Over doing the squeezing and pulling might just leave your pores more exposed and make them loose. This will result in further accumulation of dead cells and sebum. Following the under given steps will help you to do it rightly-Use steam– Before you can squeeze your black heads and pull them you really need to loosen the pores. Since black heads are quite sticky, bringing your face over a steaming bowl of water might help in loosening the pores, thus allowing you to loosen the grip of the black heads in the process. Squeeze them out– Once you are done with the steaming, it is now time to squeeze the black heads out of their place. This might not always be a good idea, but at times of emergency can prove to be the only resort. Wrap your fingers with a tissue before you squeeze the black heads out, to prevent further contamination. Pull them out– In case that you want to avoid the squeezing part, use pulling strips post the steaming phase. Now that the black heads have loosened their grip a pulling strip can easily pull them out of their place.

Number 3: Take Medical Help

If getting rid of black heads is proving to be harder than you thought, you are left with no option but to consult a dermal expert. A dermatologist will direct you towards the right antibiotics and products that will easily remove your black heads without all the fuss.

Take help of any of the abovementioned alternatives to get rid of blackheads . Restore the natural beauty of your skin and avoid chances of breakout of acne with these highly trusted remedies.

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