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How to Get the Best Organic Skin Care System


Lizzie asks…What is the best hand care product?

I want to buy a gift for my mother, her hands are in water 5+ hours a day and her skin is in really bad condition. I want to get her a really nice hand cream but dont know what to get.

Admin answers:  Get Aveeno hand cream great for super dry skin it makes the skin healthy . Also the Bath and Body Works Shea butter hand cream is good. Bath and body works cucumber hand cream or sweet pea.

 Sandy asks…What are the best products at the following stores?

  1. Origins
  2. Bath and body works
  3. L’occitaine

Please keep in mind I have dry, acne prone skin. I’m going to a shopping center with these stores and I want to know what you would want to buy. Thanks so much!

I’m looking for haircare, makeup, skin/body care, anything! Especially things for acne though.

Admin answers:  Origins makes the best lipsticks I have ever used in a natural beauty line.  They are long lasting on your lips and they come in beautiful colors.  I also love their powder blushes.  The colors are very natural looking and soft.  You have to apply them with a heavy hand because they are kind of sheer, but once applied they will last all day.

My current favorite from Bath & Body Works is the Wild Honeysuckle eau de toilette fragrance and the matching lotion.  It’s slightly sweet and floral, and it’s perfect for summer.  It isn’t overpowering either.  Their body butters are also good, and so is the Tahiti Sweetie line.  It smells amazing and is moisturizing too.

L’Occitane is very expensive, so I don’t purchase their products.  They are imported from France, which is where a lot of the markup comes from.  I have tried some of their fragrances and found them to be unpleasant.  Sorry I can’t recommend anything from them.

For acne, I recommend a 2% salicylic acid facial cleanser, a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream at night, and during the day Aveeno moisturizer with sunscreen, which is sold at drugstores.  It’s light and won’t clog your pores.  You can find the cleanser in the drugstore.  Neutrogena makes it and so does Clean & Clear.  You can also buy it when it’s on sale from Avon. The cream is sold by Clearasil and Clean & Clear and others.  Once a week or so, use a glycolic peel kit like the one from L’Oreal, sold at drugstores.

Expensive products are not always better.  I have found that I am just as happy with the cheaper products as I am with the high-end ones, and they perform just as well.  With that in mind, buy what you like and what you can afford.  And above all else, have fun.

Mandy asks…Birthday present?

My best friend’s birthday is in 14 days and I can’t find the right present. He’s a guy, he’s 19. I am confused! I’ve never bought a guy a present before! Would it be weird to buy him skin care products he needs?

Admin answers: If he needs it and knows he needs it then he shouldn’t be too put off if you get him some. Try Arbonne (‘kinda expensive but works well) or get him a Proactive or that sort of gift pack. Don’t let them fool you – guys like to take care of themselves, too and are known to pamper themselves now and then.

Nancy asks…Questions about Skin Care?

I know when you use a facial scrub you should also use a cleanser, but won’t the combination of the two over dry your face? I have combination skin and only use a cleanser + moisturizer.  I wanted to try adding a scrub to my routine because cleansing isn’t doing it for my acne (mostly blackheads and occasional pimples). I use my cleanser in the shower and when I get out of the shower my face is very dry. Throughout the day, I have to keep applying moisturizer. I’ve realized that when I wash my face using sink water my face isn’t as dry, so it could just be the shower water. I’m not sure if it’s just the weather, but my usually oily t-zone has been dry and flaky while the rest of my skin is semi-dry to normal. Perhaps when spring is over, summer will make my face looks like a glazed donut, then I’ll be wishing for the dryness. Ugh, my skin is so frustrating.

Should I still use my skin products for combination skin or try using products for dry skin? Will products for dry skin contribute to my blackheads and pimples?  When using a scrub, should you avoid pimples?

Toners – Are all toners/Astringents created equal? Do they all work the same way? I bought Witch Hazel a while ago, because I read somewhere it’s good for blackheads, but haven’t used it in fear of the alcohol content. Will the toner add to the dryness when combined with a scrub and cleanser?

Are mud masks, clay masks, microdermabrasions, etc. considered to be like scrubs and should not be used in combination with each other?

Microdermabrasion or acne-scrub? Which one will work best on acne (blackheads)?

Admin answers:  Wow! What a big set of questions. Here goes:


Using a scrub AND a cleanser could potentially dry out your face, but it depends on various other factors, like whether it’s a cream or a foaming cleanser or whether the scrub has salicylic acid. I’d avoid a combination of a foaming cleanser and a salicylic acid scrub for example, that has the potential to dry out your skin if it’s combination skin like mine. If you use an acne scrub, you should only use it once or twice a week – those really rough scrubs can actually cause MORE pimples because they can create tiny, tiny little abrasions on your face that lead to infected hair follicles which leads to pimples. Usually, microdermabrasive scrubs are safer to use every day because the particles are finer. You can also get a lot of really creamy, moisturizing scrub – St. Ive’s Olive Moisturizing Scrub is one that comes to mind, Biore do a lot of creamy scrubs too – which means that you’re exfoliating the dead cells off your face without drying it out. Some acne scrubs (like Neutrogena’s Acne Stress Control range) have Alpha Hydroxy Acids in them, which is a way of chemically exfoliating your face. They’re cream-based, BUT if you’re going to use products with AHA in them make sure you’re using a sunscreen. AHA makes your skin very sun sensitive, even up to a week after you stop using it. A lot of people find it dries out their skin if they don’t also use a moisturizing sunscreen. If your skin’s been REALLY dry lately I’d lay off the scrub for a while, give your skin time to regenerate. If your pimples are really sore and inflamed you can avoid them, if it’s not painful you can use the scrub on them, just be gentle!


A lot of toners have alcohol in them, especially witch hazel…that stuff even smells like whiskey! The high alcohol content can really dry out your skin, so make sure you’re moisturizing as well. Again, it depends on which cleanser and scrub you use with it. If all three have drying out ingredients in them like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it’s likely to result in dryness. My favorite toner is a Biore one, but use whatever works for you!


I wouldn’t use microdermabrasions at the same time as a scrub, they’re both doing very similar things and you’ll over-exfoliate. It’s fine to use a clay/mud mask (same thing, kaolin clay) at the same time as a scrub though. Most masks are for drawing out oil and impurities – if your pores have been opened already using a scrub, they’ll be more effective.

I think I missed a few things, but hopefully I answered the bulk of your questions!

Ruth asks…Bare Escentuals, MAC Studio Fix, or Bare Minerals?

I want to buy a promising skincare product that will hide a lot of hte scars on my face. Which one is best for that?

Admin answers:  I use MAC Studio Fix – It’s pretty amazing. It covers up uneven skin tone, blemishes, anything! I also have a scar on my forehead that it covers up really well, so it will probably work for you!

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