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FRS Healthy Energy Review – No BS!

I recently received a generous free trial of FRS Healthy Energy. I must admit, my decision to give it a shot was made partly as a result of the celebrity endorsers who swear by it.

People who I respect, including Lance Armstrong, Derek Fisher, and Tony Robbins are all on board with this stuff, so I figured there’s probably something to it.

After a week of using this product, I am offering my FRS Healthy Energy Review to anyone who may also be considering a free trial of this supposed superior energy product. I hope this helps!

FRS Energy Review – How Does It Taste?

Even though it’s the effect we’re really after, I would say that taste is pretty important, so we’ll get this part out of the way first.

FRS Health Energy is not delicious, nor is it atrocious. Think juice concentrate. This is just as true of the texture as it is of the flavor. Again, not bad… but not great.

I am speaking of the low calorie orange drink concentrate, by the way. This is what came with my free trial. I cannot comment on the other flavors yet, as you will need to try those yourself. I’ll get into that a bit later.

I also received the chews, which are actually pretty tasty. They look like Starburst fruit chews, but are more airy… kind of like Airheads candies. Mmm!

FRS Healthy Energy Review – Does It Give You Energy?

First of all, let me offer a bit of a disclaimer here. I am not an athlete. I do work out and take pretty good care of myself, however, so I can speak on that basis only.

I’ve tried lots of different energy drinks and supplements. From Rock Star, Red Bull, and Monster to 5 Hour Energy, HGH Energizer, and some of the POM line. In effect, I can truthfully say that FRS Healthy Energy is significantly better.

The quality of the energy is cleaner and more sustained. I don’t feel jittery or nervous… in fact, I’m a pretty “anxious” person by nature, and oddly enough I find that FRS Energy actually calms me down and gets me centered!

If you didn’t know, FRS Healthy Energy’s key ingredient is an antioxidant called Quercetin, and I can only assume that the healthy removal of free radicals Quercetin provides is directly responsible for this decrease in my anxiety, while still noticeably enhancing my overall energy.

I can honestly say that this stuff makes me feel exactly the way I want to feel!

FRS Energy Review – Additional Benefits:

Along with clean, sustained energy, I also find that FRS is helping me stay more focused. It seems to be increasing both my mental clarity and my mood in one fell swoop.

Again, I got my shipment only a week ago, so I have no idea if there’s a plateau yet to come wherein this mental and emotional benefit will come to a halt. But I must say that I’m quite pleased thus far. Who wouldn’t love an all-day mood and focus boost?

Also, I feel as though FRS Healthy Energy is doubling as a sort of all-natural multivitamin. It’s packed with all kinds of good antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and the like. I actually feel healthier as a result of trying this stuff!

FRS Energy Review – Are There Any Drawbacks?

I’ve read a few other reviews that support my thoughts on this… I just don’t get the caffeine thing. I mean, you’re doing so well with the antioxidants and b vitamins, why do you need to add caffeine?

Granted, it’s a fairly negligible amount (they say about as much as a third cup of coffee), but why is it necessary to add it? I do have a theory that perhaps the caffeine speeds up the delivery of the “good for you” ingredients.

In any case, it’s not that big of a deal, really. Again, it’s a fairly trivial amount. More thought-provoking than anything.

FRS Healthy Energy Review – What’s This FREE Trial All About?

Okay, here’s where I’ve actually seen a few negative reviews about FRS. Some people’s testimonials indicate that they were “scammed” by the company.

They say they had absolutely no idea that after their free trial ended, they would be billed for an auto-ship program. My question is what freakin’ planet are these people living on?

It is states very clearly on both the home page and order page that you may cancel your free trial and never be billed another penny if you simply give them a call. We’re not talking fine print here, either. This is in your face throughout the entire process.

In fact, I’ll share the entire thing with you right here:

“We know that you’ll love FRS, so we’re giving you your first two week order free when you sign up for FRS home delivery. If you’re not completely satisfied with your free trial of FRS, you can call us at 877-377-4967 within 14 days of receiving your free trial to cancel any future deliveries- no strings attached. In the box with your first two week order, you’ll receive a letter with our toll free phone number so you can easily find it if you don’t want to receive any future orders from FRS. There’s absolutely no risk in taking this free two week offer. If you decide to continue to receive FRS shipments, you’ll save 30% to 50% on all FRS products. Your account is automatically set up to send you two servings of FRS per day every month (two bags of chews and two bottles of concentrate per month). Normally that would cost $79.80 plus S&H per month, but you only pay $55.86 plus S&H per month. Also, you can log into our online account management system or call our customer support center and customize your order to receive any FRS products on any delivery schedule (up to 180 days). No matter what you order your first 3 orders will be 30% off, your next 3 orders will be 40% off, and all orders after that will be 50% off as long as your account is active! With FRS home delivery you’ll get the best prices on FRS, have complete control over what FRS products you order, and have complete control over how often you receive them. Remember, if you are not completely satisfied during the 14-day trial period and wish to cancel, simply call our customer service department Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time at 1-888-377-7587. Your first two weeks of FRS are free and you can cancel anytime, so sign up for FRS home delivery today.”

Seems pretty cut and dry to me, how about you?

By the way, shipping is only $3.95, making this a truly great offer, in my opinion. I have no intention of calling them. I’m going to keep getting my FRS. I love its guts! It has already improved my life in more ways than one.

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