Frequently Asked Questions on Gestational Diabetes Part II

Q: What happens at the gestational diabetes test in pregnancy?

What do you have to do and what do the doctors do? I just learned about this test browsing through Yahoo Answers. AND what other kind of tests will I encounter?

A: I would ask your doctor if you have to fast first. If you don’t eat anything and then drink the solution, it can cause your body to have to work harder to process the glucose, which could cause you to fail even though you don’t have GD. I asked my doctor about this and he agreed.  I ate a bagel with butter and cream cheese about two hours before and did just fine.

Otherwise, you’ll drink the stuff – it’s like flat Orange Crush – and sit for an hour, then they’ll draw your blood. You can’t leave and have to stay the whole time, so bring a book or magazine!

Are you pregnant already or just planning? Some tests you will do early on- like checking for blood type, HIV, cystic fibrosis screening, and similar things. Other tests during pregnancy probably include an AFP to check for risk percentages for Downs Syndrome (this can be inconclusive or give false positive readings), a nuchal fold translucency test (triple screen and ultrasound to check for Downs) – you CAN refuse these although your state will probably mandate that you take the HIV test, regardless of risk factors.

Later on in pregnancy you will be tested for Strep B, which can be harmful to your child if you test positive during labor and don’t have antibiotics. It’s nothing to worry about – they’ll just give you IV antibiotics when you’re in labor to make sure the illness isn’t passed to the baby.

Q: If you had gestational diabetes with previous pregnancy will you have it again?

 I’m barely pregnant, maybe about 5 weeks and wondering will i have diabetes again?  Has anyone had it a few times or can i luck up with proper diet and not have it again. Thanks.

A: My aunt got it with her third but by eating according to the GD diet for her 4th and 5th she never tested positive for it.  She considered herself to have it, though – that’s just how she kept herself in check mentally. Q: Gestational Diabetes in 2nd pregnancy? What are the chances?

I’m 24 weeks with my second son, i had gestational diabetes with my first what are the chances I will have it this time? I went to the dr. today and he gave me my lab sheets to go get it done tomorrow.

A: I don’t know they say it’s pretty common once you have it with one child that you will have it with the others. My cousin had it with all four of her children. And I am pregnant with my first and have it! It’s not really fun!!! Hope you don’t have it again!

Q: Gestational Diabetes?

If you get gestational diabetes during pregnancy will you have diabetes for the rest of your life?

A: Not necessarily.  I had it and after the pregnancy approx. 3 months later my sugars were back to normal.  u must exercise and be careful about what you eat during the pregnancy otherwise your body will think high sugar is the norm and then you will end up diabetic. Good luck!

Q: Doesn’t gestational diabetes usually appear in mid to late pregnancy?

The reason I ask is b/c I suspect that I was a diabetic for about a year now–my doctors recommended I be tested for it, and I never was until I found out that I was pregnant. I failed the test and they diagnosed me as a gestational diabetic when I was only 6 weeks pregnant. I thought that gestational diabetes only appeared in late pregnancies, so now I’m wondering if I had diabetes pre-pregnancy or it this could really be only gestational diabetes. Any advice is appreciated.

I was tested b/c of having two babies that were over 9 pounds–I’m in my normal weight range for my height.

A: Although there is no way to know for certain, yes, I think you are right in that you quite possibly already had diabetes BEFORE you became pregnant. *Usually* people are more insulin sensitive early on in pregnancy, so if your blood sugars were elevated that early on, there is a very good chance you already had full blown diabetes.

I also suspect this because your doctors “recommended you be tested for it”. Were you overweight prior to becoming pregnant? This greatly increases your risk for gestational and Type 2 diabetes.

You will have to see what happens. Even if it is “only” gestational diabetes, this puts you at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future. Work on losing weight after your pregnancy, eating healthy, and getting regular exercise. In many cases, Type 2 can be prevented or controlled with lifestyle if caught early on.

There is no way to know for certain until after your pregnancy.

In rare cases, pregnancy can trigger Type 1 diabetes, the rarer non-preventable autoimmune kind that always requires insulin injections. This does not sound like it applies to you, however.

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