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Foods Rich In Anti-oxidants Help Fight Aging

It is believed that phytonutrients hold the key to increasing a person’s longevity. It is present in some food items. Phytonutrients have one primary function as part of the anti-oxidant family- they gobble up the free radicals. It is namely oxygen molecules which play a very predominant role in the onset of diseases like osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

With the gradual process of ageing our bodies become more vulnerable to the processes of oxidative stress and possibilities of inflammation. These activities take part in the cellular level. The common theory believes that the various anti-oxidants and age defying complexes help the cells to ward off these effects.

Other than anti-oxidants some other compounds in food affect ageing. According to noted dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, food items can be classified into three basic categories. They are either anti-inflammatory foods, inflammatory or neutral.

Perricone believes that one can slow down the process of ageing by consuming food which has anti-oxidants and has antioxidants. Perricone also believes that the process of ageing would be accelerated if we go ahead and consume pro inflammatory food items.

Food which is rich in anti-inflammatory items would be able to reverse the effects of the process of ageing and age related changes. Fishes found in cold water and richly hued fruits and vegetables are able to induce such effects.

Consumption of large amounts of saturated fat, trans fatty acid, starch, sugar, the insulin levels in the body rise high and initiate an inflammatory effect resulting in ageing. UV light, hormones, stress and a weakened immune system leads to ageing.

One can get the maximum benefits if one loads up a variety of health food.

Moores believes that we are aware of the effects of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory activities of food. He believes that there are a lot more which just highlights the neutralization of free radicals; there is a lot beyond this.

According to Moores, the following food items in your regular diet would be able to slow down the process of aging.

Fish: American Heart Association has recommended the consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids since it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory substance along with other health benefits.

Fruits and vegetables: they contain lots of anti-oxidants. One should only go for colored products. At least a serving of five is needed per day.

Whole grains: they have soluble kinds of fiber which helps in the lowering of blood pressure levels. They have the qualities equivalent to a polynutrient. 3 servings a day is the most appropriate.

Legumes have nutrients packed within them and they also have properties similar to fruits and vegetables. They should be consumed at least three or four times a week.

Yogurt has all the good properties for a dairy product and is also pro-biotic. It is able to maintain the right level of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

Moore recommends that if one is having three dairy servings a day, at least once he should have a helping of yogurt.

Nuts have vitamin B which keeps the brain and the heart healthy. Healthy fat is needed to maintain the collagen and elastin in the skin. It helps the skin to stay healthy. One should only consume small portions of nuts since it has a high incidence of calories within them.

Water: it is needed to keep the skin hydrated and proper functioning of the muscles and blood circulation in the organs. One should enjoy at least 3-4 glasses of pure water along with other beverages.

In addition there are 10 more food items which can be considered super anti-inflammatory:

  • Barley
  • Acai fruit
  • Allium vegetables like garlic
  • Buckwheat
  • Green foods
  • Hot peppers
  • Beans and lentils
  • Sprouts
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Yogurt and kefir

What are the options for you?

Food and beverages have micronutrients which have numerous health benefits. In case of protecting the skin one is better off using topical creams.

If one drinks total of 6-10 cups of green tea daily then the person would add valuable catechins to the body but the amount is never high in blood so as to reverse any changes to the skin.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is enough to keep a person strong and healthy for a long time. it does not imply that the same person will not have any visible wrinkles on the skin. The impact of various food items on the visible changes in skin is overrated. This has been said by dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, MD.

The main reason for skin damage is sun exposure and other factors which are predominantly genetic. Hence one must avoid sun exposure and use sun screen lotions. Drinking lots of water can also help to prevent the visible effects of ageing.

Avoiding smoking is a recommendation by many experts who believe that a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to reduce the visible effects of ageing.

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