Foods That Increase Testosterone

In my case, when I first started experiencing low testosterone symptoms there wasn’t a whole lot I was doing right nutritionally. I was living on a diet of junk food and I wasn’t exercising regularly. I was in my early twenties and had a devil may care attitude about taking care of myself. I thought, that regardless of my diet and exercise that I should feel great the majority of the time. Basically, I was a victim of naiveté.

Still my poor diet didn’t cause my low testosterone syndrome. That was caused both by genetics and by side effects of a heavy dose of anti-depressant medications that I had been prescribed. Eventually, I ended up seeing an oncologist who specialized in nutrition. This guy was a pro’s pro and he identified that I was suffering from low testosterone almost immediately. After some blood work had been performed that confirmed his suspicions I was started on a dose of supplements that would increase testosterone levels in my body naturally.

Additionally, I was given some information to peruse that talked about the importance of diet and exercise in maintaining healthy testosterone levels in men. He told me that poor diet and lack of exercise can exacerbate many of the problems that I was having. Having realized that nature of my problem, I was eager to implement the diet suggestions that he made and I started to do additional research as well. I read lots of articles and websites about foods that increase testosterone and I altered my diet, using myself as a guinea pig.  Eventually, I learned that the foods that I eat really played a factor in how I felt.

Looking back, I don’t want to say that all of my problems were caused by low testosterone. However, I know that I feel a lot better than I did then. And I give most of that credit to the fact that my testosterone levels have been brought back to where they should be.

Anyway, back to the subject of foods that increase testosterone, here’s what I’ve learned on that topic. First, the good news is that many of the best testosterone boosting foods are foods that men tend to like to eat. Also, they are natural, non-processed foods so they tend to be healthier for your body and metabolism as well.

Most of the foods that increase testosterone levels in the body have a healthy dose of zinc in them. Basically, if you have low testosterone levels zinc is critical. At its most basic level, zinc regulates serum testosterone in the body. A lack of zinc will affect the pituitary gland by inhibiting it from releasing pro-luteinizing and pro-follicle hormones. These are essential to stimulate testosterone creation in the body.

In addition, zinc will inhibits an enzyme in the body (aromatase) that transforms testosterone in the body into extra estrogen which can have many detrimental side effects. Men need to maintain a ratio of testosterone to estrogen of more than 10:1 (with 50:1 being ideal) and excess estrogen will obviously disrupt the ideal balance causing an elevated risk of obesity and heart disease.

Zinc also is believed to promote good sexual functioning as well. Studies have shown that zinc supplements can enhance sexual performance while also causing a rise in sperm counts, which can be useful if you are trying to produce offspring. Therefore, you can clearly see how we want to maximize our zinc intake (within reasonable levels).

Among foods high in zinc, meats and seafood tend to be especially high and therefore especially effective. Red meat due to the presence of zinc and other nutrients does a good job of stimulating testosterone production. But, one of the zinc-containing high-fliers are oysters. Oysters are great because they pack a lot of pro-testosterone goodness into a relatively small package. Unfortunately, oysters are also difficult to come by in certain parts of the country, or they can be quite expensive. And, some people, just can’t stomach oysters for whatever reason. I admit that they do have some very distinctive qualities. And, for some, they just aren’t appealing.

More convenient to purchase foods include roast beef, pork chops, lamb chops wild game and ribs. All are considered excellent foods for those who are seeking to increase their testosterone. Chicken meat, poultry, is another excellent food to promote testosterone production. Chicken, like red meat, is high in our favorite nutrient and, because of its leanness and low fat, is more ideal for a staple food than is red meat.

I have found, for myself, that lean hamburger meat and chicken breast and chicken wings are the foods that I find myself eating most often to boost testosterone. While, I recognize the value of oysters, they are awfully inconvenient for me. I do share them here because they can be an excellent source of zinc for those who have regular access to them.

Non-meat foods that increase testosterone include beans and nuts – I particularly enjoy pistachios. Dairy products also include a healthy amount of zinc and can help promote an increase in testosterone levels. Particularly effective are low fat milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.

I’ve found that since I made some subtle dietary changes, that I have felt better and been higher functioning. However, I consider the supplements that I take to increase testosterone to be even more important than my diet in this regard. From my experience, diet plays a role and you want to load up on foods that increase testosterone production, however you are likely going to want to supplement your diet with some nutrients as well.


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