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What exactly are blackheads?  They are deposits that are made of oil, dust and bacteria that block the skin pores.  It is possible to get rid of these blackheads with the right treatment.  So which are the different types of treatment on how to get rid of blackheads?

There are different types of treatment that need to be adopted for getting rid of these.  As part of a healthy skin regimen, blackhead removal is extremely important.  A dermatologist would be the right professional or expert to give you advice about blackheads.

Tips for getting rid of blackheads

It is possible to have a clean and healthy skin, if preventive steps of removing blackheads and acne are resorted to.  Make sure to clean your face daily with warm water and mild cleanser.  Whenever the face gets oily, dust and dirt attract the skin and there is a layer formed on the skin.  Thus, regular washing of the face with an anti-fungal face cleanser is advised.  Make sure to keep the face free from any make up as it would aggravate the blackhead formation.  Refrain from using bar soaps and also too much application of moisturizers can increase the oil in the skin.  Never share towels and always use a clean towel, one for wiping the face and the other one for the body.

Healthy diet and changes in lifestyle

Stress and unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, depression may be some other factors for formation of blackheads. Make sure to avoid oily foods as it would create more oil in the skin which is not good for the face as there are greater chances of blackheads and acne.  Try eating fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and include lots of salads in your everyday meals.  When a lot of fibre is included in the diet, toxins are washed away from the body. Try changing the pillow cover as the oil from the hair would get on your hair, so make sure to use clean and hygienic pillow cases. Hot steaming really helps as it helps open the pores of the face and removes excess oil.

Try avoiding products with creams as it could increase blackhead formation.   Regular cleansing is important so that blackheads are removed completely.  Identifying the causes of blackheads formation is imperative so that you are able to fight it.  Visit the skin specialist who would be able to help remove blackheads. Don’t prick them with your hand as it could aggravate the condition.

Reasons for blackheads

The severity of the condition increases when the sebum is produced in excess and during puberty, the condition becomes all the more severe.  Hormonal imbalance may also result in formation of blackheads. Just like blackheads, there are whiteheads.  Keep the skin oil free and clean.  Astringent masks or solutions are very effective in taking care of blackheads.  Make sure to avoid harsh soaps or oily creams as it could result in more oil formation on the face.  An oily diet and too much of rich meat foods and non-vegetarian diet can cause the skin to become oily and this would result in acne or blackheads formation.

Exfoliating would be of great help in reducing oil and also getting rid of dead cells.  Exfoliating has to be gentle as you would be using it on your face.  Refrain from scraping or squeezing the blackheads as the skin in the side would get infected and it could result in further formation of blackheads.  Simple compression on the blackhead with warm water helps in clearing the clogs.  You can also check for blackhead strips that can be placed on the blackheads and simply pulled.  These are quite safe and gentle on the skin too. Check out for these strips at the medical stores. Just make sure to go through the instructions carefully before you use these blackhead strips.

Removal of blackheads is very important for maintaining healthy and a glowing skin.  It is possible to get rid of blackheads and ensure that the face is free of blemishes and scars.

What do blackheads look like and how can they be removed?

These look like tiny plugs and they are a result of excess dry skin or oily skin.  Clogged pores are the reason for blackhead development.   The dead skin blocks the pores and does not allow the skin to breathe completely which means oxygen is blocked.  This is the reason for developing blackheads.  Excessive make up and wrong use of skin care products are also other reasons for development of blackheads.

Prevention of blackheads

It is possible to get rid of blackheads by avoiding thick, creamy and greasy skin care products.  Using a water soluble cleanser is really effective.  Avoid bar soap as far as possible as it could clog the skin pores. People with dry skin need to use a moisturizer based cleanser so that the skin remains well hydrated and does not become excessively dry.

Exfoliating to get rid of blackheads

It is possible to get rid of blackheads by going in for exfoliation treatment. When the skin pores are left open, the oil flows out and it does not result in blackheads.  Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead cells and also de-clogs the dead pores.  Select exfoliates that contain two percent of beta hydroxyl acids. Check out for clay masks if you have an excessively oily skin.  However, do not select peppermint or mint containing masks as it could cause rashes or infections, if you have a sensitive skin.  Make sure the blackheads do not erupt in the first place and for that you need to ensure to use Retinoid which keep the pore in healthy shape.

Visiting a dermatologist would be really helpful as they would exactly know the technique of getting rid of blackheads. They will gently squeeze this out and ensure that the surrounding areas are not affected. Blackheads that are removed only superficially will erupt again so you have to ensure that they are removed from the root.

Now you’ve got the ideas about how to get rid of blackheads. Take care of yourself, apply healthy habits in your life.

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