Fish Oil Side Effects – A Deadly Mistake to Avoid On Fish Oils Before It’s Too Late

What are the common types of fish oil side effects? What are the ways to prevent and avoid them from occurring? Find out expert answers to these important questions in this article.

For the maximum benefits on health without the risk of fish oil side effects, it is of paramount importance that you check the quality of fish oil that is used in the omega-3 supplements that you buy. The general side effects of fish oil are very light and are self-healing, but Mercury contamination is one of the serious fish oil side effects that you need to be vigilant about.

Exposure to mercury and other toxic wastes poses serious threats to children, elderly people and young women of child-bearing age. It is toxic and is found in a majority of the fish, as industrial pollution through decades has left no water bodies untouched. Standard level of Mercury contamination allowed in fish oil varies from one government to another.

You should make sure that you buy only the fish oil that has passed through the process of molecular distillation. This is the one and only way to enjoy the health benefits without the toxic side effects of fish oil. It is a scientific process used to purify fish oil. It separates the oil from various contaminants found in sea waters such as Mercury, PCBs and other industrial toxins.

Fish oil side effects include diarrhea and a kind of fishy aftertaste. Diarrhea can be avoided by reducing the dosage of fish oil supplements. The fishy aftertaste can be easily avoided by consuming the supplements with juice or after meals.

But, the effects of Mercury poisoning are more severe and fatal. It can cause long lasting learning disabilities in children and birth defects in babies. In adults it can cause fainting spells and hair loss. You should look for omega-3 supplements that have been molecularly distilled, as they do not pose the risk of Mercury contamination.

Another important thing that you should be aware of regarding fish oil side effects is that it has natural blood thinning properties. So, in case you are taking blood thinners as a ongoing medical prescription, you should get in touch with your Medical practitioner before you start taking fish oil or its other types of supplements. Too much consumption of blood thinners can lead to excessive bleeding, so you need to be wary about this fact. The best fish oil supplement manufacturers provide complete details regarding the possible fish oil side effects and the risk of any type of Mercury contamination in their product specifications.

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