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Finding the Right Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients for You

Suddenly, you’ve got wrinkles on your face one day. However, a natural anti-aging cream might help keep you from getting them or help alleviate them once you’ve got them.

Unlike chemically based anti-aging creams, a natural anti-aging cream utilizes natural ingredients to soften and smooth the skin, and make it appear more youthful. Oftentimes, you can make your own by searching recipes out on the Internet. However, there are commercially based natural life extension cream formulations available, too.

Now, your skin type is important when you are choosing the best natural anti-aging cream for you. If you have oily skin, you’ll likely want to use a cream that is water-based instead of oil-based. You may also have particular sensitivities to certain natural ingredients, such as something that contains a certain ingredient like apricot, a certain oil, and so on. If your skin is particularly sensitive to many ingredients, you might want to look for a natural anti-aging cream that states that it is hypoallergenic. This cream has been formulated to remove allergenic ingredients that you might otherwise react to. In addition, if your skin is particularly sensitive to one natural ingredient that you try, you can always try another until you find one that works for you.

Natural anti-aging cream formulations contain ingredients such as hazelnut oil, aloe vera gel, or other types of oils such as grapeseed, or rose hips seed oil, or jojoba. One of the most popular ingredients in a natural anti-aging cream is jojoba. Jojoba is a unique product in that it is both an emulsifier of products (meaning that it mixes oil and water together well), and is also a natural preservative; this means that oftentimes, manufacturers of natural cream products use jojoba in their formulations simply for these properties. However, jojoba is also very good for the skin in that it is both a natural moisturizer and cleanser. It helps keep sebum from blocking pores, which can make it a very good product to use for oily skin. This, in turn, can help with such things as acne breakouts (yes, even older folks get acne breakouts!).

One of the most common and best-used ingredients in natural anti-aging cream products is aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel has amazing healing properties, and is particularly good for burns. It is very soothing for any type of skin irritation, including the dry skin many of us get as we get older. In addition, because it is not oil-based as many natural skincare ingredients are, those with oily skin can also use aloe vera gel to soothe irritated skin without worrying about further contributing to acne breakouts. If you have oily skin, look for a natural anti-aging cream that is water-based and utilizes aloe vera gel as one of its major moisturizing components for best results.

One of the least irritating oils for oily skin or any skin type is grapeseed oil. As an ingredient in an anti-aging skin care cream product, grapeseed oil is so light and absorbent that even those with oily skin can use small amounts of it to soften and smooth skin without worrying about contributing to breakouts. And because it is an oil, it’s also very beneficial for dry skin. You may also want to consider using an anti-aging cream with this ingredient in it if you have what is called “T zone” skin, where you have oily areas on your forehead, nose, and chin, but dry areas on your cheeks.

Another common ingredient in natural anti-aging cream formulations is shea butter. Shea butter is “newly discovered” in the United States, but it has been a common skin care ingredient in Africa for centuries. It comes from the African shea tree. The fruit of this tree is tiny and looks something like an almond; shea butter is extracted from this. In Africa, Shea butter is used not just for topical skin care, but for food and household use as well. It is a perfect ingredient to use on skin because it absorbs almost completely, leaving no greasy feeling. It also has a natural sun protection factor of 15. It is amazing in its healing properties, and is very useful on skin irritations such as sunburn.

Cocoa butter is another natural skin care ingredient used in natural anti-aging cream recipes. Cocoa butter comes from the cacao plant, and it contains many natural antioxidants. Like shea butter, it, too, is used in food applications as well as in topical cosmetic products.

When it comes to fragrance in natural anti-aging cream formulations, you may want to go entirely without, since even natural fragrances can be irritating. However, if you choose a cream and you want it to have a fragrance, most natural anti-aging cream formulations will use such natural fragrances as essential oils or other naturally based fragrance essences.

Finally, one note about price. If you choose a natural anti-wrinkle cream as part of your skincare routine, you will likely pay a bit more than you would for another synthetically based product. However, it’s worth the difference in price, since these more natural products not only will do a better job than synthetic products, but they are also better for your body. Remember that because your skin absorbs what you put on it, you naturally “ingest” a little bit of what you put on your skin. Therefore, a natural anti-aging cream is going to be worth its difference in price versus a synthetic one — not just in terms of performance, but in regard to overall health benefits to you as well.

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