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The Truth about These 9 Fattening Foods

Fattening Foods

Good taste and nutrition are the two things that are like the tracks of a railway line. They never meet! You can opt for either nutrition or good taste. If you are looking for tasty, delicious foods, then you have to let go your health and nutritional status. If you opt the other option, expect that these fattening foods contain a high amount of fats and carbs that add pounds to your body.

And if your priorities are health, fitness, and nutrition, then your taste buds are the ones that have to make a compromise. Well…this is a reality!

Though there are foods that can help you reach a midway between taste and health, there are just too many of them that lie at the far ends of the stick. Let us have a look at the foods that are highly non-nutritious and fattening.

1.    Coleslaw

Coleslaw is the food that proves that looks can be too deceiving. While coleslaw is usually served next to the healthy, green salads; it hardly has anything good to offer for your body. It cleverly hides under the disguise of nutrition with the help of added carrots and cabbage.

food-1206771_1280But beware! It does contain a disproportionate amount of calories in each serving thanks to the fatty mayonnaise added generously to make it tempting.

The average portion of coleslaw provides a whopping 260 calories and almost 20 gms of fats! To say this is like being kind to coleslaw as some popular brands of coleslaw are worse than this.

Well… The good part is you can preserve the goodness of coleslaw and derive its health benefits by making one for yourself. You can try using fat-free mayonnaise to create a healthier version of coleslaw that tastes great and goes well with your salad.

2.    Fried Foods

You must already know that fried foods contain high amounts of saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, and calories. It is perhaps the worst fattening food you must avoid if you want to stay healthy and fit.

3.    Fast Foods

We live in a fast-paced world where everything happens quickly. Our desire to get everything in a shorter span of food-1283108_1280time is sadly extended to our eating habits as well. We love fast food!

The fast foods including fries, pizzas, and burgers are full of saturated fats, trans-fats, and other additives that make them taste good. It would make sense to reverse the spelling and make it “FATS” food instead of “FAST” food, because that’s what it is!

You can only get fatter and fatter by eating these foods. The trans-fats in ‘fast’ foods can deteriorate your health and make you fatter faster than the speed at which they arrive at your table! So, make sure you avoid them and keep yourself safe from weight gain.

4.    Cake Frosting

Most people think that unhealthy fats can come only from the fried foods. But, the reality is even the high-carb foods can be fattening. For example; the cake itself may not have trans-fats, but the frosting is likely to have trans-fats like partially hydrogenated oils. Even one serving of this cake can provide a full day’s equivalent of trans-fats. So, be extra careful when eating the high-carb foods as well.

Even a ready-made pancake mix may contain trans-fat as it usually starts off in a powder form. Hence, think twice before buying pre-made mixes and try to come up with your own batch of which you know everything.

5.    Packaged Cookies

The marketers of packaged foods are very smart. They sneak in some trans-fats in the cookies and yet, manage to cookies-886284_1280label the product as trans-fat-free. Even the Girl Scout Cookies contain some amount of trans-fats!

If you check the label of your favorite cookies, you are likely to find partially hydrogenated cooking oils among the list of ingredients. The chances are that these partially hydrogenated cooking oils include high oleic oils as they provide shelf-stable cookies at a lower cost.

However, these oils are highly fattening and can make you put on considerable weight. Hence, remember that the more you eat these packaged cookies, the chubbier you are going to be!

6.    Frozen Meals

Frozen meals seem like a perfect choice when you are looking for a quick and easy meal. Some people actually think of them as weight loss-promoting foods! But, you will be surprised to know that most of the frozen meals are laden with unhealthy fats that can only add pounds to your weight.

The question of losing weight by eating these foods just does not arise. This may be shocking for some, but it’s a fact!

Additionally, since you would need to microwave these meals, it will just add to their unhealthiness as microwaving destroys the nutrients it may contain. This is just another reason for you to stop eating frozen meals.

7.    Cereals

cereal-1262202_1280Surprised? It is natural for anyone to find cereals in the list of fattening foods. It is considered a nutritious breakfast for adults as well as children. However, most commercial cereal products are laden with unhealthy fats. So, make sure you read the label and check the fat content of the products before making a purchase.

They foods can only cause you to put on pounds after pounds without giving any nutrients. Forgo these foods as a first step towards a healthier and lighter life!

8.    Yogurt

Although yogurt is a common food in the list of most dieters, they should be aware that most yogurts contain sweeteners in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is added to make them taste better.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is an ingredient, which didn’t exist before 1960. It appealed to the food manufacturers because it can add to the sweetness of the food. It is also easy to store and cheap to make. However, the human body cannot shut-off its consumption of HFCS-containing products the way it does for the real sugar.

This can lead you to keep eating these products long after you would have stopped if they were sweetened naturally. So, there is a danger of you consuming too much of yogurt, which will exceed the daily recommended allowance of carbs. Naturally, the unused amount of carbs is stored in the form of fats causing you to pile on pounds.

Even the low-fat curds are not safe as these often contain an artificial sweetener, which is no good for your health.

snack-1483932_12809.    Microwave Popcorn

Most popular brands of microwave popcorn contain fats in some form. It has been found that each serving of microwave popcorn contains about 5 grams of trans-fats on average. Now, this amount is almost double than your daily recommended allowance!


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