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Fat Blockers: Best Over-The-Counter Diet Pills for Weight Loss

Everyone likes to expose themselves beautiful and for that you have to keep your body fit and strong. The over counter diet pills acts as a diuretics or laxatives which helps in removing the waste products from the body. These pills help to burn out the calories more quickly and boost the metabolism. OTC pills blocks fat and some types of pills even blocks carbohydrates. It stimulates the brain to control appetite and feel satiate. The following are some of the best diet pills for weight loss over the counter for successful weight loss programs.

Alli (orlistat) medicine for weight loss: this OTC version medicine acts as a fat blocker aids in weight loss. It blocks nearly 30% of the incoming fat calories in the diet which greatly prevents the fat been absorbed by the intestines. Thus the undigested fat from the body is removed out of the body as waste. This drug is suggested to take three times a day after meals. Mayo health expert studies shows that it is safe drug and don’t have any side effects like oily spotting, loose stools and frequent bowel movements.

Bitter orange pills: it is an herbal drug and these pills are produced from the extracts of bitter orange tree. The extracts from the peels of the bitter orange are found to lose weight which burns out more calories. It also has certain health issues taking bitter orange may raise in blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

Glucophage and Byetta pills for diabetic patients: these two medicines are prescribed by obesity specialists for weight loses in diabetic patients. The Glucophage drug helps in decreasing the glucose levels & increasing the insulin sensitivity which prevents from heavy hunger and over eating. This drug is prescribed along with Byetta drugs which reduce the time of reaching the food from the stomach to small intestine which in turn makes you to feel full for longer time. Studies have shown that people taking these pills along with modified carbohydrate diet have lost 10 % of their body weight in a year.

Meridian pills for weight reduction: consuming this drug allows your brain to control hunger for several hours and make you feel fuller for longer period. It just alters the levels of Norepinephrine and Serotonin chemicals which help in regulating satiety. This medicine possible side effects like high blood pressure and strokes. But this drug is approved for obese people who have BMI of above 30 and overweight people having BMI above 27.

Green tea extract and guar gum for mass reduction: the green tea is rich in antioxidants and prevents causing cancer. It promotes weight loss due to fat burning effects and suppressing hunger. It is one of the healthy ways to lose weight without adding any chemical products. The guar is a fiber extracted from the guar plant seed which is used as a thickening agent in many beverages and also used by dieters for reducing weight. This fiber acts as a fat blocker and controls appetite. For some using this pill may have abdominal pain.

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