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Top 9 Fat Blasters to Fight Stubborn Fats

Fat Blasters

Fighting fat is the most difficult battle, which almost every adult in the world is battling with themselves. And we often end up losing this battle because the fat stored in our body is armed with a strong shield of layers of tissues of our own body.

It is difficult to seek the hidden fat cells out from their forts and destroy them. They lay comfortably under the layers of our skin and deposited in different tissues from where they are hard to be mobilized.

Luckily, there are some fat blaster foods that can pull these fats out from their places of comfort and destroy them. Let us have a look at some of the best fat blasters you must eat in plenty to win the battle against obesity:

1.    Eggs

Eggs are the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can improve your general health and protect you from egg-1536990_1280illnesses. Plus, they are also loaded with protein, which can provide a sense of fullness in the stomach and prevent you from eating out of impulse.

This leads the body to turn to other sources for its fuel requirement and encourages the conversion of stored fats into a form of energy. This naturally leads to the burning of fats as fuel and helps you lose weight.

Eating eggs for breakfast is a wonderful way to keep your cravings and hunger at bay. With just 70 calories, a medium-sized egg can keep your mind off food for long hours while providing your body with 6 grams of protein and no fat.

2.    Green and Oolong Tea

Oolong tea can help you burn fats through a variety of mechanisms as described below:

  • Oolong tea is full of antioxidants, which help to boost your metabolism by almost 10% within 2 hours of drinking it. This leads to a significant improvement in the burning of fats so that they can be utilized for carrying out various processes in the body.
  • The nutrients present in Oolong tea help to burn fats more quickly and effectively. It produces a noticeable effect on the belly and upper arm fat. Drinking oolong tea at least three times a day can help you lose considerable weight in a short period and help you have a healthy immune system.
  • It contains caffeine, which can improve the fat oxidation thereby ensuring faster burning of calories.
  • It helps to regulate the carbohydrate metabolism thus maintaining the blood sugar levels within normal limits and lowering your cravings.
  • It contains polymerized polyphenols that can increase the energy expenditure by the body.

These benefits of oolong tea make it a perfect fat blaster to lose oodles of weight with much fewer efforts.

3.    Coffee and tea

Coffee has earned a bad name owing to its high caffeine content, which can have an addictive effect on the body. However, when consumed within limits, coffee can be a resourceful fat blaster and help you attain a perfect body. It coffee-cup-1310592_1280is known to boost the metabolic rate thus promoting the fat burning.

Tea is also considered a great beverage to lose weight thanks to its rich catechin content and the ability to increase the metabolism. Catechins can control the cholesterol and triglyceride levels and enhance the exercise-induced loss of belly fat.

Additionally, since tea is low in calories and rich in antioxidants, it works well as an effective aid for weight loss. To derive maximum benefits, you can drink plain tea, iced or hot, several times a day.

And of course, don’t add sugar or cream. You can infuse it with fresh herbs to enhance its flavor and nutritional quotient.

4.    Turkey

Turkey contains the fewest calories compared to the other animal protein foods per ounce. It contains leucine, an amino acid, which plays an important role in preventing the loss of muscle mass during weight loss. It can also keep up your metabolism and boost the fat burning. It is also more satiating than the other animal protein foods making you less likely to overeat.

5.    Berries

berries-1546125_1280Blueberries, red raspberries, and strawberries are the fiber-rich fruits that provide only 50 calories per cup. These fruits are also rich in antioxidants, and flavonoids, which have the ability to increase the production of a hormone called adiponectin that can stimulate the metabolism and fat burning.

Additionally, eating strawberries can also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and regulate the insulin production. These actions help to prevent the sudden drops in blood sugar levels that can force you to eat something rich in carbs and calories. The cumulative effect of these actions of berries allows you to get rid of fats much easily.

6.    In-Shell Pistachios

Pistachios offer a rich source of protein. It is a low-calorie, yet a filling food that provides 6 grams proteins and 100 calories per ounce. Experts recommend eating in-shell pistachios instead of the shelled nuts for better effects. The logic behind this is the nuts’ shell can trick the brain into thinking as if you’ve eaten enough even when you have not.

7.    Enova Oil

heart-olive-oil-628x363-TS-163749176Enova oil, prepared from canola and soy oils, is a form of diglycerides, a fat that is metabolized differently than the triglycerides commonly found in the other oils like olive oil. Also, it is less likely to be stored in the body as fats. It has been found that the dieters who use Enova oil lose more pounds than those who use other oils.

These fat-blasting foods are your strongest weapons that will assist you in getting rid of the enemies of your health. Eating these foods every day can help you burn more fats and shed several pounds with much ease thus improving your health and fitness.

8.    Cinnamon

Cinnamon produces a stabilizing effect on the blood sugar levels and thus, curbs your appetite. It can boost the burning of fats to fulfill the energy requirement of the body thereby allowing for a faster weight loss.

beans-1001032_12809.    Beans

Beans, being high in resistant fiber and starch can force your body to use more calories to digest and break them down. Eating beans can increase the calorie-burning power of your body by up to 24 percent and help you lose more pounds effortlessly.


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